Women’s Soccer face Eastern Connecticut at home

Enrique Castaneda-PinedaSports Editor

This week, the Rhode Island College Women’s Soccer team faced against Bridgewater State away from home and returned to host Eastern Connecticut.

Against Bridgewater State, it was very telling what kind of game it would be within the first 15-20 minutes. Bridgewater had four shot attempts within that time frame, with one of the shots getting past goalie, Carissa Gaglione. It did not stop there, as Bridgewater State continued to attack the goal with seven more shot attempts by the end of the first period, with another shot getting in the goal. This brought their lead over RIC to 2-0 at half-time.

Bridgewater State had a total of 11 shot attempts in the first period, but were not nearly done yet. Erica Edwards subbed in as goalie for RIC to provide some rest for Gaglione, when Bridgewater let loose with three shots in the first six minutes, with the final shot resulting in a goal. They continued their aggressive striking with another four shots on goal in the span of four minutes, resulting in another goal for RIC’s dominant opponents.

Another four shots by Bridgewater led to their final goal of the game, bringing their score to 5-0. In total, Bridgewater had 23 shots over the whole game, while RIC only had eight.

Against Eastern Connecticut, they continued to get bombarded with shots by their opposition, with a total of 34 shots over the course of the game. RIC, however, was only able to get three shots against Eastern Connecticut. Out of the 34 shots, three goals were allowed by goalie, Edwards, with 13 recorded saves. The game was another tough loss for the Anchorwomen as their record would now become 1-4.

The team will have a home game against Dean on Monday, Sept. 18, and then travel away on Wednesday and Saturday to face Framingham State and University of Southern Maine.

Women’s Soccer defeat Salve Regina at home

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda-Sports Editor

The Women’s Soccer team had four games at home to open the season, however, a game against Dean College had to be postponed.

Against Curry, both teams remained silent in the scoring department as neither team was able to put up a goal. Curry had six shot attempts, while Rhode Island College had four, but this only pushed them more in the second period, as Curry had 10 shot attempts and RIC had six. RIC led the scoring barrage with a goal by Stephanie Ricci. Curry then scored two goals back to back, one from a penalty kick. Curry accumulated two more shots, bringing the score up to 4-1. Finally, RIC’s Breanne Ford scored to help close the gap, but it was too much of a lead with too little time to come back. The final score stayed at 4-2 as the ladies moved on to battle Suffolk.

Suffolk came at RIC in the first 30 minutes with five corner kicks and four shots on goal. Finally, Suffolk scored at the 30 minute mark to take the lead and hold it going into the second period. After the half, a foul in the penalty area resulted in a penalty kick for RIC’s Stephanie Ricci. Bringing the score to an even 1-1, RIC and Suffolk proceeded to go back and forth with almost 20 shots combined. Nearing the end of the match, it the game seemed like it was going to go into overtime until a last minute goal by Suffolk pushed them past the finish line with a victory.

Finally, against Salve Regina, both teams had seven shots on goal with no scoring done. In the second period, Salve had a total of 12 shots on goal, while RIC made sure they had quality over quantity. Starting the second period, in the first 10 minutes Olivia Capraro scored a penalty kick to take the lead. Right behind her was another goal by Brittany DeGrooth with an assist by Capraro, which brought the Anchorwomen to a 2-0 lead. Late in the game, Salve managed to score a goal, but it would not be enough to retake the lead.

The ladies are now 1-2 with an away game at Bridgewater State on Wednesday, but they return home to face Eastern Connecticut State University on Saturday at 1 p.m.