Women’s Volleyball with back-to-back wins at home

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda-Sports Editor

Women’s Volleyball has managed to achieve a positive record after a back-to-back win against Salve Regina and Framingham State. After starting off the season with two losses, the team is now on a three-game win streak.

The first game of the season against Mount Saint Mary (MSM), was a tough competition for both teams as they went to five sets to decide the winner. The teams traded wins as Rhode Island College took the first and third set, and MSM won the second and fourth set to push it to set five. In this final set, they played to 15 instead of 25, but the Anchorwomen could not maintain the lead, losing 15-13 to lose the match.

The following game against Babson College was a 3-0 that knocked RIC to a 0-2 record. After Babson, the team faced their second opponent of the day against Smith. They bounced right back from the loss to sweep Smith instead, bringing them to a 1-2 record.  

RIC was faced with Worcester State, which was their second game in four that went to five sets. The first set went to Worcester State after a grueling back and forth set. With a final score of 28-26, the set went over the normal games of 25 points due to the fact that a team must win by two. RIC took the following set to even out the score, but both teams blew each other out in the following two sets to bring it to set five. Though a tough match, it was another 15-13 loss for RIC.

However, RIC was able to start their winning streak with a game against Curry. Jessica Brielmaier, Courtney Lambrese and Jillian Ward had a combined 38 kills against Curry. They maintained control in the first two sets, but could not hang on to the third set to seal Curry’s fate. After the lost set, RIC recovered and won the fourth and final set.

The Anchorwomen then faced a double header at home, against Salve Regina and Framingham State. Against Salve Regina, the team had an impressively high kill count of 61, with Lambrese and Ward making up 42 of the 61 points. The team dominated the first set with a 25-17 victory, and just barely took the second set 25-23. Salve would not go down without a fight, though, managing to win the third set 24-26, but it only prolonged the inevitable as RIC took the fourth set. They moved on to the next game against Framingham State, where RIC maintained their dominance. They swept Framingham state as they won 25-21, 25-22, and 25-9.

The team has two more matches at home against Clark University and UMass Boston, with a current record of 4-3.