Fun ways to squeeze in your workout – Sophie Costa

Fun ways to squeeze in your workout

Sophie Costa

Anchor Staff


The monotony of working out in the same gym everyday can become very boring. Working out and being active doesn’t mean you have to commit yourself to one place and one workout all the time. It’s great to have a routine, but spicing things up sometimes is just what we need to keep our lives fresh.

Playing tennis is a wonderful way to burn some calories and work muscles we don’t regularly use. Tennis is a mix of cardio and strength, which can make for an excellent full-body workout. Playing tennis instead of hitting the gym creates interaction with friends, exposes us to fresh air and mixes in some friendly competition.

Another great way to get a sweat going is dancing. Dancing is one of the best workouts because it’s super fun and can put us in a great mood while listening to music we love. One of the best things about dancing is that you don’t even realize that you’ve burned so many calories because you’re having so much fun. Dancing is an expression of ourselves which can release any stress or anguish that we are experiencing in our everyday lives. You can dance alone or dance with a friend, but no matter how you do it, it’s sure to be a blast.

Rock climbing is becoming more popular these days and deservedly so. Rock climbing focuses more on strength and balance than anything else. Plus, it’s a fun way to work those muscles. Of course, hiking is a peaceful and serene alternative. Hiking is a full body workout, especially, if hills are involved. Being outdoors alone, with a friend or even with your dog, and away from stress is a great way to unwind and feel the burn.

Last but not least, swimming provides a strong workout. It’s much easier to swim in the summer season, but most gyms offer an indoor swimming pool which is perfect for a new setting outside of the cardio and weight rooms. Swimming is a complete body workout and is much easier on our joints.

There are so many options to working out, such as, jumping on a trampoline, horseback riding, volleyball, biking and jumping rope. The gym is a great place for a consistent and always dependable schedule but these exercises will keep your brain and body fresh and energized.

Find Time In Your Day – Madeleine LeBlanc

Find Time In Your Day

Madeleine LeBlanc

Anchor Staff


After a long day of classes, studying and working, it feels like a miracle if you can get to a shower in peace. Our minds don’t come with instructions on how to turn them off, and sometimes laying in bed at night we run through a laundry list of anxieties that must be completed the following day. But it is important that we appoint some timeframes during the week to spend on ourselves. Differentiating between leisure time versus productive time can be hard. If you often find yourself asking, “Is this for my enjoyment or is this something I need to do?” you are not relaxing or focusing on your needs.

Personal time is a very broad concept and could include any activity that makes you feel at peace, even something you don’t normally have time for in your hectic schedule. In order to ensure time for yourself in your busy week, I suggest using an agenda. Having an agenda is a great thing to use in college. It is very helpful in planning out class assignments and you can even plan out time during the week for yourself.

Having solid, planned time periods for yourself is also a great technique to motivate yourself to get class assignments done. Knowing that at the end of the week you are able to do something you enjoy motivates you to be more productive throughout your week and gives you something to look forward to. Personal time for yourself does not have to be relaxing and it often varies based on someone’s hobbies and passions; something as simple as going shopping, playing a pickup basketball game or spending an hour at the gym plugged in to your favorite playlist. No matter what you decide to do when dedicating personal time to yourself, you will feel more relaxed and less stressed. One hour of personal time can result in hours of productivity during your busy week.

A wonderful, geeky night – Gianna Rocchio

A wonderful, geeky night

Gianna Rocchio

A&L Editor


Finding a fun place to hang out with your friends isn’t always easy when you’re on a college budget. This is especially true if you’re the type of person who tends to avoid dance clubs and bars that blare the music so loudly you can’t hold a conversation. Luckily for people like us, there is finally a service to meet our needs that is sweeping the nation. With multiple locations in most major cities all around America, “Geeks Who Drink” is a totally free trivia quiz that has found a home in three different local restaurants. Brutopia Brewery in Cranston, along with Pizza J and English Cellar Alehouse in Providence have introduced these zany quizzes to their restaurants every week. This week, I traveled to English Cellar off of Thayer Street to try it out with some friends and family.

Upon arrival, our lovely Quizmaster, Michaela, set us up with our answer booklet and some pencils that read “This pencil was stolen from Geeks Who Drink,” of which I now proudly have several. After Michaela got everyone settled in, she started the muisic and explained the rules. Teams can be anywhere from one to six people, but bigger groups are accepted if they agree to forfeit the prize if they win. We chose our name, The Walking Bread, ordered some nachos, and let the games begin.

There were eight riveting rounds with eight questions in each. Every round had a different theme, most of which certainly lived up to their geeky proclamation. One of my favorite rounds was “Which Leonard?” in which a fact was read and we had to decide if it was about Leonard Cohen or Leonard Nimoy.

There was also some interesting rounds that made us really think, like the round where each answer had to be a state abbreviation that matched the phonetic clue. For example, one clue was, “how you feel when you are sick in Chicago,” with the answer being IL for both Illinois and illness. Another great round was the visual round where every team is given a card with photo hints that are hilariously photoshopped.

The audio round was definitely tougher, as we had to identify some shaky audio clips and there was some inevitable technical difficulties. Our Quizmaster, Michaela, was quick to save the day, however, and get us back on track. The Walking Bread held the lead for most of the game, but the final round led us to an embarrassing last place. This round is worth different points and is a bit harder, and it set us apart from the winning alpha-geeks. I wasn’t phased by the loss, this trivia night was the most fun I have ever had while losing.

Not only is “Geeks Who Drink” free and offers a gift card prize for first place, but your money goes to support local businesses, all three of which are known for their tasty, affordable food and beers. The questions were unique and hilarious while also relevant for both younger and older crowds. So, you can go with friends or family or even both. All the teams seemed to be having a blast and new friends were made. Our Quizmaster, Michaela, who usually hosts at Brutopia in Cranston, created a great atmosphere and played her personally-crafted playlist, a mix of groovy and eclectic songs that perfectly matched the mood. If you’re looking for some cheap fun and great times, “Geeks Who Drink” is at your service.


Tuesdays – Brutopia Brewery, Cranston, 8 p.m. // English Cellar Brewhouse, Providence, 7 p.m.

Wednesdays – Pizza J, Providence, 7 p.m.

Doctor Strange – Patrick Connolly

Doctor Strange

Patrick Connolly

Anchor Staff


Although I have never been so painfully mixed on a Marvel film in my life, “Doctor Strange” is, in a sense, the best Marvel film to date. The last time I had so much unapologetic fun with a Marvel film was probably “The Avengers.” The visuals alone in “Dr. Strange,” whether in IMAX 3D or not, carry the film as a spectacular cinematic experience like no other. Although, in another sense, this film is also the most underwhelming. Or should I say, the third act of the film is the most underwhelming, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

The plot in a nutshell is this: After a car accident that nearly destroys his ability to move his hands, Dr. Stephen Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, gets the opportunity to travel to Nepal. He learns about healing through the mystic arts, led by The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton. Oh, and there’s the typical Marvel joke and set-piece here and there.

First, I’m getting the elephant out of the room fast. I think the third act is severely underwhelming. Without giving too much away, it appears that “Dr. Strange” attempts to subvert the typical third act action-sequence on its head. While I can see the attempt, it is one of those rare instances where, ironically, a big third-act action set-piece would have made sense, especially with what wonders came beforehand. Instead, the film opts for a showdown that was too small for my taste.

As I mentioned, there still remain wonders to be found in the film’s beginning acts with results as magical as anything I have experienced in the movies so far this year. There’s a sequence where Doctor Strange goes on a trip through the “Astral Fields,” and…that’s all I will say. Saying anything more will spoil an experience that would make even the late Stanley Kubrick jealous. “Dr. Strange” will win the Best Visual Effects Oscar in a few months. Count on it.

So, folks, I’m torn. The third act of “Doctor Strange” manages to almost undo everything good that comes before it. However, the wonderful aspects of the film are more than worth the price of admission, and easily rank among one of the year’s best. I suppose this film is why we go to the movies, to feel emotions that we haven’t felt before.

Women’s Swimming struggles with Eastern Connecticut – Enrique Castaneda-Pineda

Women’s Swimming struggles with Eastern Connecticut

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda

Assistant Sports Editor


This season for the Rhode Island College Women’s Swimming team has been off to a rocky start, beginning with the Bridgewater State Relays. At the Relays, Sydney Curran, Madison Lane, Courtney Payne, and Abbie Leazes all placed third with a finishing time of 1:56.92. They also recorded a second place finish on the 400-yard freestyle with a time of 4:24.34.

Against the University of St. Joseph, the Ladies took a loss of 103-144. The team took 2nd place in the 200 yard medley relay. Individually, Abbie Leazes took 1st place in the 1000 yard freestyle, 100 yard butterfly event and the 500 yard butterfly. Sydney Curran took 1st place in the 200 yard freestyle and 50 yard butterfly. Courtney Payne also took 1st place in the 50 yard breaststroke and the 100 yard breaststroke.

Next up was the Louise Goodrum Invitational where there is no team scoring and only individual scores are recorded. Sydney Curran recorded three top-10 finishes: 3rd place in the 50 yard backstroke, 8th place in the 50 yard freestyle, and 9th in the 100 yard backstroke. Leazes also notched two top 10 finishes for the day with 8th  place in the 200 yard freestyle and 9th in the mixed 1,650 yard freestyle.

Against Eastern Connecticut, the Anchorwomen took a tough loss of 64-125, with Curran leading the team with three 1st place finishes in the 100 yard IM, the 100 yard breaststroke, and the 50 yard breaststroke.

Women’s Basketball falls to Friars – Marissa Marsella

Women’s Basketball falls to Friars

Marissa Marsella

Anchor Staff


The Anchorwomen were defeated by Providence College during the Women’s Basketball game this past Saturday. The Friars took the game with a final score of 64-29, but Rhode Island College still made some impressive plays.

The Anchorwomen were led by senior athlete, Alex Moore, a guard who scored 12 points and obtained five rebounds. A new member of the team, freshman guard Jordyn Gauvin, scored a total of seven points for the Anchorwomen and also had seven boards.

The opposing team’s sophomore guard Maddie Jolin scored a whopping 14 points over the Anchorwomen and earned four rebounds, three assists, two blocked shots, and even a steal. PC senior guard, Sarah Beal, made 12 points and four rebounds. Sophomore guard Clara Che barely missed a double-double with nine points and 11 rebounds while also making six assists throughout the game.

By halftime, the Friars held a 23-7 lead. RIC was held scoreless during the game’s second quarter. Beal made 10 points, hitting five out of eight attempts in the first 20 minutes of the new half while RIC’s Kayla DePina made four rebounds. The Friars soon had a 25 point lead and maintained control of the rest of the game until their victory.

RIC will officially open the 2016-17 season this Tuesday, Nov. 15 at the Murray Center where they will host Salem State at the Murray Center. Be sure to catch the game!

Men’s Soccer falls in championship – Julian Borges

Men’s Soccer falls in championship

Julian Borges

Sports Editor

The Rhode Island College Men’s Soccer team fell to UMass Boston in the Little East Championship game for the second year in a row. This game marks the third year the two teams have met in the playoffs and the third time that RIC has lost to UMB.

It only took nine minutes for the Beacons to put points on the board. A free kick ruled in favor of UMass Boston saw senior defender Edmilson Barros (Praia, Cape Verde) head the ball in, following a cross from sophomore midfielder Mohamed Kenawy.

Just five minutes later, the Anchormen responded with a goal of their own. At the 14 minute mark, junior forward Komla Dogbey fired a shot into the back of the UMB net after a cross from sophomore midfielder Dennis Vazquez.

With five minutes left in the first half, UMass Boston managed to close out scoring with their final goal of the contest. Senior defender Arlindo Goncalves and classmate midfielder Klismam Mendes (Fogo, Cape Verde) are credited with assisting junior midfielder Joshua Kang, who scored to make the final score of the match 2-1.

The second half of the game saw the Beacons pour all of their energy into their defensive efforts. This gave the Anchormen few chances to score, and UMass Boston’s tough defending paid off. The Beacons won the Little East title and secured their ticket to the 2016 NCAA Division III Men’s Soccer Championship game.

UMass Boston finished the game with a 6-4 shot advantage over the Anchormen.

Beacons goalie Aidan Carter had one stop in the UMass victory while RIC’s Chris Moura notched a single save in the defeat.

Congratulations to the Rhode Island College Men’s Soccer team on a very successful season and to UMass Boston on the Championship win.

Men’s Wrestling off to slow start – Enrique Castaneda-Pineda

Men’s Wrestling off to slow start

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda

Assistant Sports Editor


At the Ithaca Invitational, the Rhode Island College Men’s Wrestling team started off slow, scoring a total of 45.5 points and placing 9th out of the 11 teams.

Leading the way for the team was John Georges, who placed 2nd in the 285 lb. class. Georges went 4-1 and had four straight wins until the last leg of the tournament in his class.

Following behind Georges were Daniel Murray and Javante Johnson, with records of 4-3 and 3-2, respectively. The rest of the members of the Men’s Wrestling team all recorded 2-2 records in their respective classes.

The next invitational for the Anchormen is the Springfield College Invitational on Nov. 19.

Lambrese is Volleyball’s Offensive Player of the Week – Marissa Marsella

Lambrese is Volleyball’s Offensive Player of the Week

Marissa Marsella

Anchor Staff


Rhode Island College junior athlete Courtney Lambrese was named the Little East Women’s Volleyball Offensive Player of the Week for her outstanding performance last week.

During the 3-0 week for the Anchorwomen, Lambrese assisted the 2016 season wrap-up with an impressive 13 kills and five digs over the Corsairs.

As an outside hitter, Lambrese also had her season-best match against Framingham State where she made 20 kills while also adding six digs and a pair of service aces. She followed this up with a double-double—her second of the season—18 kills and 13 digs during the Anchorwomen’s victory over Worcester State University.

​For the week, Lambrese hit an astounding .320 with a total of 51 kills, 10 errors, and 128 attack errors, averaging 4.64 kills and 2.18 digs per set in the perfect 3-0 week. For the season itself, Lambrese played in 86 sets during 25 matches. She hit .211 with 258 kills and 137 digs.

The Anchorwomen finished the season with a 12-13 record overall and a 1-6, seventh place mark in the Little East Conference led by coach Leo Bush.

Vagina Discourse: shaving

The questionable hair



In a society where women face the social pressure to alter themselves to look a certain way, shaving is just another entry on the list of grooming responsibilities that they must partake in. Women are expected to be clean shaven and any hair in the “wrong” places can often bring up judgement and assumptions. There seems to be an unwritten rule that men are allowed to look like cave men, but women are supposed to be smooth as silk. As much as I think this is ridiculous and that everyone should be able to choose if and what they shave, I myself am an avid shaver. To me, nothing feels better than getting out of the shower with smooth legs. If I do not shave, I get itchy and feel very uncomfortable and I am generally way more into shaving during the summer than the winter. Shaving should be optional for all women but for me not shaving is just uncomfortable.



No matter how carefully you shave there always seems to be that annoying little patch of hair found on your shins or kneecap or ankles that you miss. Nevermind when you accidentally wear a tank top one day and only later realizing you forgot to shave your armpits for like two weeks. It happens to the best of us, and let me tell you, true liberation can be reached when you simply decide to not care what other people think about your hairy legs. Shave your body bare or grow your hair so long that you can braid it, the choice is yours to make. It is unrealistic to expect women to be cleanly plucked and shaved every day out of the year. Most people won’t even notice the times you slack on shaving and the only one that will probably notice is you. Being self conscious about something that is natural will only lead you to being uncomfortable in your own skin and inhibit your confidence from being unconditional. Do whatever feels comfortable for your body hair, but never give anyone else the power to dictate your choice.