Men’s Basketball with back-to-back close losses

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda-Sports Editor

This week, the Men’s Basketball team faced Little East Conference (LEC) opponents No. 5 UMass Dartmouth and No. 4 UMass Boston, while hosting UMass Boston at home.

CJ Donaldson led the team against UMass Dartmouth with 16 points, including nine rebounds, five steals and four assists. Justin Campbell recorded a double-double in this game with 12 points and 10 rebounds, while Grant Gillis scored 12 points and pulled down five rebounds. RIC managed to hold onto the lead in the first half, with a 35-28 lead at the end of the first. They stretched their lead out to 14 points, when a sudden burst of offense from RIC’s opponent brought the lead down to three points. In the last three minutes of the game, the teams exchanged the lead twice, tying three times. RIC was managing to hold onto the lead until a three-pointer with less than 10 seconds to go broke the tie for a tough Anchormen loss.

#23 Roosevelt Shider Photos by Thomas Crudale


Following that last minute loss, it felt like déjà vu for the Anchormen as they lost the lead in the final minutes of the game against UMass Boston. Adham Floyd scored a game-high 17 points, including five rebounds to add to the stat sheet. Justin Campbell recorded another double-double with 13 points and 12 rebounds to try to push the Anchormen to victory. Gillis almost joined Campbell as he scored 13 points and wrangled eight rebounds, with two blocks. After another strong first half, RIC had a 15-point lead going into the second half. The team’s offense and defense slowly died down as UMass Boston continued to chip away at the Anchormen lead. In the final six minutes, the lead changed five times in the span of two minutes. For the rest of the game, it seemed as RIC was battling to try and regain the lead. They finally took the lead by one point, but after a minute of not scoring on either side, in the last 15 seconds, UMass Boston broke the tie to win the game 54-53.   

#35 Justin Cambell, Photos by Thomas Crudale

The team is looking to end the month with an away win against Amherst College, as they have a record of 4-12 overall and an LEC record of 2-7.      

Women’s Basketball defeats Johnson & Wales at home

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda-Sports Editor

This week in Women’s Basketball, the team went up against Bridgewater State, Roger Williams, Johnson and Wales and, Eastern Connecticut.

First up, going against Bridgewater State, the Ladies maintained their dominance to stretch their streak to 4-0 as Jessa Rubero scored 19 points with a total of five three pointers, and three rebounds and two steals. Jordyn Gauvin was named the Little East Conference Player of the Week, and she certainly proved that as she scored 17 points, including four rebounds and two steals. Finally, Ornela Livramento recorded a double-double for the Anchorwomen with 14 points and 13 rebounds. Their teamwork and skill led them to beat Bridgewater State with the final score being 66-55.

Photo by Nikkie Hewins

Facing Roger Williams, Gauvin maintained her high performance play by putting 20 points on the board, while also grabbing five rebounds and two steals. However, she alone could not be able to carry the team to victory as she was the only one to reach double digits in scoring. This led RIC to see their first loss of the season as the game would end 54-42.

Returning back home, the Anchorwomen faced off against Johnson & Wales to start their three home game campaign. Livramento returned to her element at home as she recorded a double-double, scoring 14 points and bringing down 11 rebounds. Gauvin also continued to play well with 15 points to add for the total, as well as four rebounds and four assists. The beginning of this game saw a tight match between the two teams, as RIC gained control of the scoreboard midway through the first half. After that, the team would not look back as they would take the game 54-44.

Finally, hosting Eastern Connecticut for their first Little East Conference matchup seemed to be more than they could handle. The team was held to only 42 points as Gauvin scored 10 points to be the highest scorer for RIC. She also had four rebounds and three assists, while Jessica Brielmaier had 11 rebounds and five points to add to the score. Eastern Connecticut came out the gate scoring, and RIC would never be able to reach them. They held onto the lead for the entire game and beat RIC 59-42.

The team now has a 5-2 record and will be facing Dean College at home on Monday at 7 p.m. They will then travel to Emmanuel College on Wednesday and UMass Boston on Saturday to close out the week.

Men’s Basketball suffer loss in first Little East Conference matchup

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda Sports Editor

This week in Men’s Basketball,  Rhode Island College faced Bridgewater State, then Regis and Salem State at home before traveling away to play Fitchburg State. They returned home on Saturday to face Eastern Connecticut for their first Little East Conference (LEC) matchup.

First, against Bridgewater State, CJ Donaldson scored a total of 17 points to add to the 81-75 loss. Donaldson also managed to record six assists, four rebounds, and two steals. Meanwhile, Chris Farrington led the team with a total of 19 points as Justin Campbell scored 16 points to add to the grand total. Grant Gillis almost managed to come out with a double-double as he registered nine points and nine rebounds.

Returning home against Regis served fans a tight contest as both teams went back and forth for a majority of the first half. Nearing the end of the half, RIC managed to pull away to gain a 12 point lead.

RIC maintained that lead going into the second half, as Regis tried to make a come back mid-way through the half. They managed to bring the lead down to six, but RIC regained momentum and brought their lead back up to the highest of the game — 16 points. Regis tried to make a comeback, cutting the lead down to only two points, but with 1:39 left on the clock, RIC did not let them score and the game ended with a 74-72 win for RIC.

To end their small home stretch, RIC played against Salem State. Salem State had a 55.7 percent on the court for the game, while RIC had a 37.7 percent. Adham Floyd scored 20 points in the loss, with three rebounds and two assists. CJ Donaldson added to the total with 17 points, with five rebounds, assists and steals. Salem State ran away nearing the end of the first half with a 13 point lead, which ended the first half at 40-26. The team could not muster the strength to come back as the game ended with a 87-67 loss.

Visiting Fitchburg State, both teams went back and forth for most of the game as Roosevelt Shider scored 20 points coming off the bench. The first half ended with a 37-37 tie, as RIC gained a small lead of seven in the first five minutes of the half.

CJ Donaldson added 17 points to the score with five rebounds and assists. Adham Floyd almost registered a double-double as he scored 13 points and had nine rebounds. With seven minutes left in the game, a lead change in favor of Fitchburg State would be the nail in the coffin for RIC as they tried to mount a comeback ,but the game ended 73-71.

Finally, the team returned home to face Eastern Connecticut to close out the week. Roosevelt Shider managed to score 19 points while Adham Floyd scored 18 points plus five rebounds, an assist, a block and a steal. RIC had the lead for a couple of minutes until Eastern Connecticut took the game with an early 10 point lead. RIC did bring the lead down to two, but facing a possible lead switch,  Eastern Connecticut restarted their offense and ended the half with a 42-27 lead.

Returning from the half, the tenacity of the Warriors did not stop as they maintained their lead, reaching a lead of 28 points with three minutes left. The Anchormen would not be able to come back from the deficit as the game came to a close at 86-61.

The team currently has a record of 2-6. They will start their winter break after a home game against Johnson & Wales on Tuesday at 7 p.m., and will travel for two away games at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Thursday and UMass Boston for a LEC matchup on Saturday.

Anchorwomen ace the week and the season

Alex Wall-Assistant Sports Editor

The Rhode Island College Women’s tennis team continued their undefeated season as they took on Salem State last Saturday.

Junior Katherine Braganca picked up two wins on Saturday in the No.  3 singles spot and the No. 2 doubles spot with senior Isabella Romeo. Senior Dayna Reilly also picked up two wins on Saturday. Reilly won her No 1 singles spot (6-2, 6-2), and paired with freshman Emily Orticerio to win their No 1 doubles match (9-8).  Freshman Hailey Raskob secured her win (6-0, 6-1) at the No. 4 singles.

Due to weather, their first match against Curry College, on Sept. 22, was postponed to a later date.

The Anchorwomen will continue to defend their undefeated record on Monday Sept. 25 against Curry College.

Anchorwomen come up short in last game against the Rams

Alex Wall-Assistant Sports Editor

It was a decent week for the Rhode Island College Women’s Soccer Team.

In their first game of the week, the Anchorwomen dominated the field with their 5-3 lead against Dean College.  Junior midfielder, Olivia Carpraro scored their first goal, putting them on the board at the 19:13 mark. Freshman midfielder Brooke Young scored the Anchorwomen’s second goal of the game in the 30th minute, allowing RIC the advantage.

At 32:49, Dean responded and scored a goal tying the game. Junior forward Elena Coutu scored another goal for the Anchorwomen in the second half of the game, giving them the lead once again. The fourth goal came from junior forward Brittany DeGrooth, who had an insurance goal from a penalty kick. Finally, senior Stephanie Ricci scored the final goal of the game securing the win for the Anchorwomen.

The Anchorwomen were hoping for a second win this week but fell short against Framingham State. In the 2-1 loss, Ricci was able to put one goal on the board for RIC. Sophomore goalie Erica Edwards made 10 saves in the game despite the loss.

With a current record of 2-5, the Anchorwomen will travel to Lesley University on Thursday Sept. 28.

Men’s Golf take first in MCLA Invitational

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda-Sports Editor

The Rhode Island College Men’s and Women’s golf teams have had one match each so far, with two Invitational competitions this week.

The Ladies fought closely against Suffolk for their first match of the new school year, though it would end up being a loss for the team. The team fell to Suffolk 354-371, with the score being made up of four players. Meghan Mahan and Nicole Langella both scored 87, while Meghan Rocheleau scored a 97 to add to the overall score. Finally, Jean Marie Arnold shot an even 100 to the total score of 371, which is a new school record, breaking last season’s previous low of 412.

In the MCLA Invitational, the men recorded a team total of 300. This low score comprised of five players was enough to take first place, with Roger Williams and Westfield close behind them with scores of 307 and 308, respectively. Senior Austin Cilley scored the lowest score of the Invitational, shooting two under par, and finishing with a 70 on a par 72 course. Josh Macera tied for fifth place with a score of 76, with Mike Caparco and Nathan Patterson close behind with scores of 77. Finally, Ryan Badeau shot an even 80 to tie for 17th place.

This win marks the sixth consecutive season that the Anchormen have taken first place overall as they make their way to the Williams and Westfield State Invitational.

Kyrie Irving’s time is now

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda-Sports Editor

In the ultimate power move of the century, Kyrie Irving got traded to the Boston Celtics, but that’s old news now. The real story lies in his reasoning to trade in the first place, its impact on the rest of the league, and what he wants to do with his new team.

It is no surprise for him to leave, in my opinion, as Kyrie is too good of a player to be continuously compared to LeBron, solely because they are on the same team. Hosts often commented that when LeBron did not perform well, it was Kyrie’s job to pick up LeBron’s slack. Meanwhile, when Kyrie didn’t perform to the caliber he normally does, he would be criticised and compared to LeBron’s experience.

The unfair commentary would never have ended if Kyrie remained on a team where the competition was not only against other NBA teams, but against some of his own teammates, too. With moving to Boston, there is not a single person on that team that is even close to being compared to Kyrie.

When LeBron went back to the Cavaliers, he stated, “I think I can help Kyrie Irving become one of the best point guards in our league.” At the time, he was not at the level he is now, but he helped to move the Cavs forward in the 2012-2013 season, as the team had a record of 24-58. In the next season, the team rose up to a 33-49 record, though it was not enough to make playoffs.

Photo courtesy of

Still, he was named Rookie of the Year in his first season, and the following year he joined the All-Star team to become the All-Star game MVP before Lebron’s arrival. It was obvious that Kyrie was becoming a star in his short time in the league, but with LeBron joining the Cavs, that all got wiped away.

After LeBron returned for the 2014-2015 season with the Cavs, there was an apparent change in the team, as they had gone from 33-49 to a positive 53-29 record. The team made the playoffs for the first time since LeBron left in 2010, and even reached the finals before losing to the new and improved Warriors team.

However, as a fan of the NBA, it’s felt as if the last two to three years have made the league a guessing game on whether the Warriors or the Cavs will win the championship this year; that completely changed due to Kyrie’s decision to move to the Celtics

This move has displaced Kyrie as LeBron’s assist machine, his complementary piece that allowed the Cavs to swiftly move through teams. LeBron’s power combined with Kyrie’s swiftness and precise ball handling made it easy to score.

Kyrie’s trade had two major consequences: first for LeBron and second for Isaiah Thomas. Kyrie’s move left LeBron questioning whether he will stay in Cleveland because the reason he went back in the first place is now gone. If LeBron does decide to leave, it puts Isaiah Thomas in the same position he was in Boston, except he’s now in a different city with players he has no chemistry with. For Thomas, this becomes a major setback, as the team will slowly be forced to rebuild itself with two major players leaving. Though he has Jae Crowder, the 2018 and 2020 draft picks may be more important to the organization than it seems right now.

For the Celtics, Kyrie will be the lone man building up the players as he has much more experience in high stress situations. He is the only major player on the team that has made it to the finals and won a championship. At only 25, Kyrie will now have time to grow as a leader, which will earn him even more value as a player in the future.

This process will be a long one, but it already seems as though Kyrie is comfortable where he is now. Hopefully, his efforts will be able to bring the Boston Celtics back to the high caliber team it once was.

Golovkin-Canelo classic fight marred by controversy

Tim Caplan-Anchor Contributor

Corruption is a black mark that has stained the history of boxing since its inception more than 100 years ago. Every boxing fan knows the story of Jake La Motta taking a fall so that he would be able to get a shot at the title. Whether it was the mafia telling athletes to take a fall due to gambling, or a champion being held away from the contenders because of politics, boxing has long held a reputation for being one of the sleaziest sports when it comes to money and corruption.

On Saturday Sept. 16, 2017, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez met at the T- Mobile Center in Las Vegas, commencing the most anticipated boxing fight of the past three years.

The anticipation to find the best 160lb middleweight boxer in the world swept the boxing community. Golovkin was the lineal middleweight champion, meaning that he held the WBO, WBA, and IBF world championships at 160 pounds. For his entire career, Canelo had fought at junior middleweight, 154 pounds, until his last fight. While this match was a slight step up in weight for Canelo, his victory against Julio Caesar Chavez in May had given him a taste of fighting at the weight class, in addition to the visible changes to Canelo made to his body in this training camp, looking much more muscular than before.

The fight began slowly. Golovkin was very cautious of Canelo’s power, as he knew Canelo was the quicker fighter, while Golovkin has never been the flashiest boxer. He has never thrown the most stylish combinations and he’s never been the fastest puncher or had the slickest footwork. Instead, Golovkin likes to take steps forward, put the jab in his opponent’s face, pressure him onto the ropes, and try to land his lethal right hand cross.

Canelo showed his athleticism and strength early, landing hooks to the body and head of Golovkin while slipping most of his strikes. HBO Commentator and former boxing world champion, Roy Jones Jr., said that Canelo’s defense had never looked so good. Even though Canelo was coming up a weight class, it seemed like he was the larger, stockier fighter in the ring. Canelo used his quickness, shoulder roll, and hooks to win the first few rounds.

Golovkin had never started this slow in a fight before. He took until round three to get comfortable, sending Canelo against the ropes to receive a barrage of strikes that only Golovkin could deliver. Canelo would occasionally starch “GGG” with a hard overhand right or a hard hook to the body. Golovkin’s work-horse type attitude kept his jab in Canelo’s face, placing pressure on Canelo like he’d never experienced before.

Golovkin kept this pace through the entire rest of the fight, constantly backing up Canelo, keeping him against the ropes for almost every round until round 11, when Canelo began swinging for the fences to close out the fight.

The final bell rang and both fighters raised their hands, as is tradition. The scores were then read out loud, the rounds were scored by the judges 8-4 Golovkin, 6-6, and 10-2 Canelo. This sent the boxing community into an outrage. Referee Addelaide Byrd was the one who scored it 10 rounds to 2 for Canelo. Byrd has been criticized in the past for producing awful scorecards, like a tie between Mayweather and Canelo and Tim Bradley’s victory over Manny Paquiao.

Former world class trainer Teddy Atlas, along with Super Flyweight contender Dwayne Beamon made claims that Byrd had received a bribe to make sure Canelo won, because Canelo’s fan base was much larger, and a Canelo win would result in more eyes on the sport of boxing in the future.   

Chairman of the Nevada Athletic Commission Bob Bennet was questioned at the post fight press conference, in which he defended Byrd, claiming she had judged over 115 world title fights. Three days later, Bennet removed Byrd from the next big combat sports card in Las Vegas, UFC 216, claiming that she was going to “take a break from the bigger fights.”  

Volleyball team face UMass Boston in first Little East Conference matchup

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda-Sports Editor

This week, the Women’s Volleyball team faced Clark University and UMass Boston at home, while visiting Rivier University Saturday for matches against Rivier and Lasell College.

Rhode Island College first went up against Clark, a team that had the same record of 4-3 coming into the game. Jillian Ward and Courtney Lambrese dominated throughout the game with 14 and 16 kills, respectively, for a combined total of 30 kills. The first set saw RIC go back and forth against Clark to eventually take the set.

RIC then fell apart in the second set, losing 14-25, with only four kills and nine errors. The team did not want to see another loss on the box score, however, as they went on to win the following two sets to beat Clark.

Against UMass Boston, both teams went back and forth on every set until one of the teams would break away at the end. UMass Boston just barely took the first set after RIC almost mounted a comeback to take the lead, but in the second set, RIC managed to tie up the game. UMass Boston did not let RIC move any further, as they took the last two sets to win 3-1. Several errors by RIC in the last two sets sealed their fate against UMass Boston.

The Anchorwomen then travelled to Nashua, New Hampshire to face Rivier University and Lasell College.  First against Lasell, the team managed to sweep them to boost their overall record to 6-4.

Against Rivier, the win against Lasell proved to have disarmed the team, as their opponents took full advantage of them in the first set winning 11-25. RIC managed to come back with 10 and 12 kills in the next two sets, respectively, but it was not enough to fend off their opponents. RIC suffered a 3-0 sweep, bringing their overall record to 6-5.

The team will have an away game this week and will return the following week for three home games.

Women’s Tennis remain undefeated nearing season’s mid-point

Enrique Castaneda-PinedaSports Editor

Rhode Island College’s Women’s Tennis team continue to thrive as they creep towards the season’s halfway point. The Ladies have not yet lost a contest; out of 54 total matches (both singles and doubles) the team has only given up two matches.

The team had three contests this week against Clark University, Eastern Nazarene and Salem State University. However, the contest against Eastern Nazarene had to be cancelled due to weather.

Their first contest against Clark University included their second total match loss, but the team still held up their own. For the singles competitions, RIC’s Dayna Reilly, Grace Zangari, Katherine Braganca, Hailey Raskob and Laurel Ten Eyck all took wins. The doubles teams, which all won, included Reilly and Emily Orticerio, Isabella Romeo and Braganca and finally Zangari and Victoria Vittori.

Against Salem State, the team did not give up any matches. Laura Nastasi was the only member of the team that did not play against Clark University, but won her match against Salem State’s Cassie Morrison. This pushes the Anchorwomen forward to a 6-0 record.

The team will be away for matches on Tuesday at Bridgewater State University, and Saturday at University of Southern Maine. However, they will have a home game on Friday at 3:30 p.m.