Superhero Central – Guess Who’s Back?

Sara Massa-Anchor Staff

Graphic by Andre Glover

The ever sarcastic, 4th-wall breaking, mercenary in a bright red suit is back. If you guessed Deadpool, then you’re right! Over the past couple of months, more and more talk about “Deadpool 2” has been spread around the internet with help from the man who made the character come alive: Ryan Reynolds. A teaser trailer came out around April of last year, and in November we got another tiny look into the crazy mind of Deadpool. Another teaser was later released, in which Deadpool dressed up as the late Bob Ross to copy his show “Joy of Painting,” which was called “Getting Wet on Wet with Deadpool 2.”

In the teaser, Deadpool has an array of paintings, oddly named like “Clockwork Orange,” “Soylent Green,” “Betty White,” and “Mennen Black.” The teaser shows him painting on his easel, all the while, making innuendos and talking about how he is “high as a kite.” This is further pushed as the scenes change and his blank canvas turns into a snowy landscape and then a log cabin surrounded by wilderness. Just as he accidentally flings his paintbrush across the room, the canvas shows an odd red, almost blood-looking- paint over the picture of the log cabin.

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This makes Deadpool shoot away from the easel and there is a harsh cut with “technical difficulties”, which turns into a montage of scenes from the upcoming film. We get to see mostly chaos, with old characters like Negasonic Teenage Warhead flipping someone off and the taxi driver Dopinder, and the shadow of some new characters like Domino; another mercenary who becomes a part of Marvel’s “X-Force” in the comics.

This trailer stands with over 2 million views on YouTube, and had gotten around with the help of Twitter. More recently, Ryan Reynolds has posted a picture on Instagram of him in the Deadpool suit holding Deadpool’s swords. But what catches most fan’s attention are two things; one being that the swords are named, one is Bea while the other is Arthur, which fits with Deadpool’s personality. The second is the text from the post, “May 18. #MaximumEffort” finally giving us a date for the film. With that in mind, I only know that the mayhem will progress from here, especially when we get a look at the official trailer hopefully coming out soon.

Daring, dark, disturbing and delightful: Black Mirror is this years must watch show

Mary Ellen Fernandez-Anchor Staff

If you are tired of scrolling through Netflix looking for a good show to binge watch in order to avoid your adult responsibilities, then look no further! “Black Mirror,” a sci-fi series on the streaming site, has been receiving some serious attention…and for good reason. After watching the first episode, my thoughts were a combination of: “What?! Why?! How?!” and of course “WOW!”

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The show follows the recently made popular format in which each episode is completely separate from the other. Meaning you can skip around the seasons and episodes which makes it easy to follow and adds shock value to each new episode. Think Twilight Zone meets any-film-made-about-modern-technology-being-evil. Each episode and storyline is completely and utterly unique, thought provoking and equally disturbing.

The show features the concept of how technology advances, covering topics from as social media and cell phones to sci-fi as DNA cloning in virtual reality gaming. The show explores how technology is altering our world. Basically, there is never a dull moment within the Black Mirror series, because each episode sheds light on issues that are either relevant now or will be within the near and distant future.

While it is extremely difficult to watch at times, due to surreal issues, it creates a conversation to be had about where our modern day technology is taking us and whether this is good or bad. In addition to this dark side, it also brings a twinge of humor to the table, by mocking pop culture and everyday life with situations that are hypothetically possible and quite literally disturbing. There is a lot to be said about a show that uses science fiction to bring important concepts forward and brings attention to social, political and global issues involving technology and so much more.

Black Mirror is the original science fiction series we have been waiting for! It surpasses others of it’s genre for its sheer innovative concepts and storylines as well as it’s approach to interpreting how technology could evolve. Seriously though, these story writers make up some pretty messed up content. So Netflix users and moochers log into that account, because Black Mirror is one of those shows you will NOT want to stop watching!

Bright: Lord of the Rings meets Training Day

Alec Ematrudo-A&L Editor

When it comes to original content, Netflix has had quite an interesting year. A trend that I have noticed is that Netflix tends to have more luck with their original series than with their original movies. Many of their attempts to produce Hollywood films have been met with negative reviews from critics and audiences alike. Netflix’s most recent attempt to produce a big budget film is, unfortunately still not doing well with critics and most people. However, I would argue that the film is not all too bad.

“Bright” was directed by directed by David Ayer, who previously directed great films such as “End of Watch” and “Fury,” and not-so great films such as Sabotage and Suicide Squad. In terms of overall quality, I would place “Bright” somewhere between good and bad.

Starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as buddy cops in an alternate reality, “Bright” was released on Netflix on Dec 22, 2017. The movie has a twist; one of the cops happens to be an Orc. The film takes place in an alternate reality where the present day United States is occupied by Orcs, Elves, as well as humans.

The alternate world itself is the most interesting part of the movie, but unfortunately, it isn’t focused on too much as it should have been. Instead, viewers are shown a two hour cheesy buddy cop film that is mostly action set pieces and cheesy banter. The film makes an extremely on the nose attempt to address racism and police brutality in our world, but it ends up falling short of anything profound.

Despite my criticisms of the film, I found myself enjoying it more than I anticipated. There is fun to be had in the movie from the quick witted Will Smith, to the well choreographed fight scenes. The premise itself is interesting and the film does a pretty decent job of making us interested in the world that the characters inhabit. With a sequel already in the works, I would say that “Bright” is worth the watch, as long as you’re not expecting anything award winning.

Rating: ⅗ Alec Heads

A New Year, a healthier you

Sophie Costa-Anchor Staff

Another year has come and gone and with the New Year comes a new semester. Most of us have already made our New Year resolutions and some of those have been related to bettering our health. If you haven’t made this resolution, it is never too late to start! Here are a few tips that you can use to stay motivated to maintaining your fitness goals during the new semester

Set aside time: It is normal to want to skip the gym when it is dark and cold outside. To combat this strong urge, it is helpful to keep a schedule of your day. Just like with classes, we thrive on keeping organized. As students we are super busy and don’t always have the best time management skills. If you get in the habit of scheduling your days, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed and you’ll find that it’s much easier to fit in your workouts.

Keep a food log: Many people have no idea what they are actually eating during the day. You may think that you are eating healthily but your body may tell a different story. People become frustrated when it comes to weight loss or fitness goals because they don’t see results. If you keep a food diary this will keep you accountable for what you eat and will allow you to see if you are eating too much or too little of something that may be crucial to your health development. There are various free apps on your phone that you can download so that it is always available, such as “myfitnesspal” and “lifesum.”

Make small goals: Big goals can seem daunting and unattainable. Making small goals along the way and achieving them will give you the incentive that you need to keep pushing through.  Make goals with friends or family and be sure to congratulate yourself on your progress. Try not to be so hard on yourself and keep it positive, setbacks are okay and are part of any journey.

Make it fun: Working out does not have to be boring and monotonous. Workout with friends, take a group exercise class, sign up for a run to keep exercising interesting.

Maintain moderation: This is the biggest tip that I have for you. Do not deprive yourself of a rest day. Your body needs time to recover and rejuvenate. Your body will let you know when it needs a break, listen to it. Lastly, eating healthily doesn’t mean starvation. Not eating enough will set you back in your fitness goals and is of course, dangerous. Working out and being conscious of what you put in your body is wonderful for our bodies but there is a fine line between being motivated and being obsessive. Moderation is key.  

Becoming a healthier version of ourselves takes some time and dedication but with these easy tips for staying on top of your goals, you will get there in no time.

75th Annual Golden Globes

Britt Donahue-Asst. A&L Editor

There was a lot of anticipation surrounding the year’s first major awards show, the Golden Globes, but despite a tumultuous few months for Hollywood’s powerful perverts, the night went off without a hitch.

Although it feels particularly tone deaf this year to give a man rather than a woman the job of hosting, Seth Meyers did great, even acknowledging the fact that he felt like “the first dog they shot into space.” It was especially nice to see him perform the popular segment from his talk show, “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.” This is a bit where Meyers sets up a joke and members of minority communities deliver the punchlines. Issa Rae, Billy Eichner, Jessica Chastain and Hong Chau all got in on the fun, laughing about themselves and their own communities with jokes that would have felt offensive coming from a straight, white man.

I was hoping that red carpet coverage would be different this year especially considering that women were wearing black and ready to talk about the #MeToo and #TIMESUP movements. Unfortunately the E! Network wasn’t interested in substance, opting to ignore fifteen-year-old Sadie Sink when she obviously wanted to give her thoughts on the movements. Instead, Giuliana Rancic pressed Sink and her black-clad “Stranger Things” castmates on details for season 3 and other regular red carpet fluff. Journalists need to remember that #TIMESUP doesn’t just mean refraining from groping your co-workers. It also means taking women seriously and encouraging them to speak up about things that matter and effect them. This is especially true for teenage girls who are regularly mocked and looked down upon by media, entertainment, and society at large. Sadie Sink is a smart young woman who wanted to use her platform to say something that matters. Next time, let her.

The highlight of the evening was Oprah’s speech upon accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award. She recalled the power of seeing Sidney Poitier receive the best actor award in 1964, and reflected on how little black girls must feel as they watch her accept her award, the first black woman to do so. She also talked about how important it is to remember that while Hollywood is getting attention for bringing stories of the industry’s horrific sexual abuse and harassment, women and men in less prominent positions who will never be named or acknowledged are suffering as well, and that needs to change.

This year, despite “Lady Bird” and “Wonder Woman” rocking the box office, neither Greta Gerwig, nor Patty Jenkins received a nomination for best director. This fact wasn’t lost on Natalie Portman who presented the award with Ron Howard while slipping in the snarky comment “and here are the all-male nominees,” while Guillermo del Toro, Martin McDonagh, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, and Steven Spielberg all looked properly awkward and ashamed. Let’s hope the Academy learned its lesson. I know it hasn’t been released yet but I am confident “A Wrinkle In Time” is going to be a masterpiece, and I’ll be pretty upset if Ava DuVernay doesn’t get a nomination in 2019.

I guess we’ll see what happens a year from now. Hopefully the momentum women have will keep going and bring about the real change that Hollywood and the rest of us need to see.

Photos courtesy of, Time Magazine, and Pop Sugar

The War to End All Wars

Sara Massa-Anchor Staff

Graphic by Andre Glover

Marvel has done very well when it has come to their movies and television shows. This year alone their films have set box office records, and they’re not slowing down. The trailer to the mysterious and highly-anticipated “Avengers: Infinity War” has just been released and I’m not going to lie; I teared up a bit watching it. We see that the original Avengers; Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, and the Hulk have come back together with a lot of reinforcements to protect the world from Thanos, a villain with an evil ambition to possess all six Infinity Stones. This will be the largest superhero film of not only Marvel history, but film history as well. We will have an epic team-up of all the heroes from previous movies: The Avengers (including the Iron Patriot, Hawkeye, Falcon, Vision and Scarlet Witch), the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Ant Man, Nebula, Black Panther, Loki, the Winter Soldier and others that have rumored to be involved but are not in the trailer. We also see that a portion of the movie will be taking place in the country of Wakanda, where the Black Panther originated from, so more of the cast from the “Black Panther” film will most likely make an appearance.

Photo courtesy of Marvel

The trailer shows just how much pain this movie is going to bring fans. We see the longing glances between Black Widow and the Hulk’s alter ego Bruce Banner, Vision’s Infinity Stone get removed from his head by what looks to be Loki’s scepter, and Tony Stark going through a lot in his head (most likely being really worried about Peter Parker fighting in this battle). In other Marvel trailers, there are at least a couple of funny quips and lines, but I noticed only one at the end when Thor says, “Who the hell are you guys?” to the Guardians of the Galaxy; and really that’s pushing it. Even though the trailer does not give a lot away about the plot of the film, we know firsthand that it is going to be intense. We also believe that this might be Chris Evan’s last film where he will be playing the role of Captain America. Or what some people are labeling him as Nomad, the new persona Steve Rogers took over in the comics after Nixon’s Watergate Scandal in 1974. So, there is the possibility that Captain Steve Rogers might not make it out of this war.

Overall, the trailer is amazing, and I cannot wait for more information regarding the film to be released. Hopefully it happens soon; the trailer has already beaten the record of most views in a twenty-four-hour period with more that 200 million views.

Holiday films to get you feeling festive

Alec Ematrudo-A&L Editor

It’s December 4th and Christmas is right around the corner! Are you in the festive mood yet? Whether or not you are, Christmas movies can always get you in the mood to celebrate this magical time of year.

Being a film buff myself, I pride myself on my mental catalogue of great films to watch for any occasion. In terms of Christmas movies, few will get you more in the mood than these following flicks.

Topping off the list is 2003’s Elf. Directed by Jon Favreau, Elf is a comedic blast from beginning to end. The film stars Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf and follows his hilarious journey from the North Pole to Manhattan to reconnect with his long lost father, Walter, who is played by James Caan. While I assume most of you have seen Elf by now, definitely check this one out if you haven’t already!

This next film may be an obvious choice, however, it earns a spot on the list because it deserves it. Home Alone is an absolute classic Christmas movie that never fails to entertain. The movie, which came out in 1990, stars a young Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister. McCallister is accidentally left behind at home by his vacationing family and ends up having to fend off a pair of dimwitted burglars. The movie is adored by millions young and old and is always worth a watch around the holidays.

Going back even farther, It’s a Wonderful Life which was released in 1946, is quite possibly one of the best Christmas movies of all time. It’s my mom’s favorite movie, and although it’s old, it certainly does stand the test of time. The film stars James Stewart and Donna Reed and is excellently acted by the two. This film will definitely tug at your heartstrings more than the first two on this list but it’s worth it in the end.

Lastly, for those of you out there who like a little more action with your gingerbread cookies, Die Hard is just for you. Yes, Die Hard is in fact a Christmas movie. The film, which was released in 1988, stars Bruce Willis and the late Alan Rickman. The film follows the classic, “take out the bad guys one by one in a building” formula, but is incredibly entertaining nonetheless. So how is this movie a Christmas movie? Well, the entire film takes place on Christmas Eve. Characters even make references to this with the story. That’s good enough for me.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday break, and find time to enjoy some great holiday movies such as these.

Healthy for the holidays

Sophie Costa-Anchor Staff

Christmas cookie season is in full force and for some of us that is both joyous and dreaded. It is a proven fact that we eat more during the holiday season and gain those pesky winter pounds. Although there are so many temptations to indulge in those calorically dense sweets and treats, eating healthy during the holidays isn’t as hard as you may think.

Graphic by Tim Boustady

Don’t rely on your hosts. The first tip that is essential in keeping yourself healthy during the holiday season is not relying on your hosts to prepare healthy foods. There are so many parties during this time that contain so many unhealthy options; the solution for this is to bring some food with you. A few items that you can bring along are a whole-wheat pizza topped with grilled veggies, a big salad with fresh vegetables and a protein, or even a warm veggie based soup. There are various healthy holiday recipes out there that are amazing. As an added bonus not only will you be keeping your calorie count at bay, but you will also be a much-appreciated houseguest.

Limit your alcohol intake. During the holidays, the socializing is endless and that is when people tend to drink the most. There are so many hidden calories in alcohol, especially in beer and wine. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy a glass of wine every once and awhile (if you’re 21), but moderation is best when alcohol is involved.

Fight the frigid weather. During this time of the year, the sun sets earlier, the temperature drops and after a long day of classes we all just want to sit on the couch in our pajamas and relax. Take the risk and ditch your slippers for some sneakers and hit the gym. It’s easy to skimp out on exercise when there are parties to go to and holiday shopping to be done but even just thirty minutes of hard exercise is better than nothing at all.

Practice self-care. Not only is physical health important but mental health is just as crucial to our wellbeing. The holidays can be a tough time for some of us and can be very stressful. Take this time away from school to practice self-care and try to de stress from the hectic reality of class that awaits us in just over in a month. Even though making healthy choices is great, it is okay to enjoy the time with your loved ones, eat a few yummy Christmas cookies and enjoy yourself.

Roaring-twenties style love triangles never die

Louisa A. D’Ovidio-Editor-in-Chief

“I love you now, isn’t that enough?!” Daisy Buchanan cries, “I love you now–it would be a lie to say I never loved him!”  If you revel in watching wealthy, beautiful, drunk people’s lives fall apart–or Keeping up with the Kardashians–the drama and recent production of “The Great Gatsby,” by the Burbage Theatre company, will keep you enthralled.

The company’s production of “The Great Gatsby” runs every weekend until Dec. 17 and while it may not have been your favorite required reading in high school, we assure you this play company’s fast-paced take on the classic will not disappoint.

“The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, adapted for the stage by Simon Levy, and directed by Wendy Overly, is the story of a glittering love triangle, roaring-twenties style, that takes place during prohibition in 1922 New York. Overly’s pacing throughout the play keeps the plot line flowing, something the book’s audience might have been annoyed by. Jeff Church plays a captivating and charismatic Jay Gatsby in stunning three piece suits–a commanding presence on stage.

Burbage theatre recently moved from their stage at Aurora in downtown Providence to Revel Factory in historic Pawtucket, a beautiful renovated building on the same street as Slater Mill on the Blackstone River. The creative use of the unconventional space during the production worked well to the stories and actors advantage and created an intimate experience for the audience.

For those unfamiliar with the story Burbage offers this brief synopsis; “Midwest native Nick Carraway arrives in 1922 New York in search of the American dream. Nick, a would-be writer, moves in next-door to the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, just across the bay from his cousin Daisy and her philandering husband, Tom Buchanan. Thus, Nick becomes drawn into the captivating world of the wealthy and–as he bears witness to their illusions and deceits–narrates a tale of impossible love, dreams, and tragedy that embodies the breathtaking glamour and decadent excess of the Jazz Age.”

Burbage offer’s Rhode Island College students the discount ticket price of just $10, fellow students can expect to pay $15, and general admission tickets are priced at $25. Showings every Friday-Sunday until Dec. 17, for a full listing of showtimes and to purchase tickets visit

Rhode Island College Chamber Orchestra Concert #2

Isaiah Hopper-Anchor Staff

On Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017, the Rhode Island College Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Groups performed their second concert of the 2017-2018 school year. A mostly classical program, the orchestra and chamber groups performed works by Bach, Mendelssohn, Piazzolla, and Mozart. The concert opened with J.S. Bach’s “Concerto for Oboe and Violin in C Minor.” Soloists Zenobia Nelles and Hannah Beekman, oboe and violin, respectively. Together, they skillfully filled Sapinsley Hall with wondrous melody and harmony.

The second work of the evening was the “String Symphony #9” by Felix Mendelssohn. The piece began with a burst of drama then slowly weaving its way into a cheerful 1st movement. The violin sections began the 2nd movement quietly and dreamily, to be interrupted halfway through the piece by dark and morose melodies by the viola, cello, and bass section. The dreaminess came back for the end of the 2nd movement, combining all sections to end the movement on a sweet note. The 3rd movement, scherzo (joke) opened humorously with light and amusing embellishment, transitioning into a slower trio section and repeating the scherzo. Finishing off the string symphony, the 4th movement broke into a quick pace, intensifying in a minor key until the final page bursting into major and accelerating into the piece’s victorious end.

Graphic by Tim Boutsady

The final work of the orchestra was Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla’s “Oblivion.” Arranged for string orchestra by John Sumerlin, the orchestra director, each section of the orchestra had their time to shine playing the melody of the iconic tango. After a brief intermission, John Sumerlin and Brenna Reeves, violins, Daniel DuMont, viola, and Chris Perkins, cello, performed the Intermezzo, 3rd movement, of Mendelssohn’s Second String Quartet. Closing out the concert was Nick Sayegh, clarinet, Hannah Beekman and Isaiah Hopper, violins, Sarah Cundy, viola, and John Bender, cello, playing the 2nd and 3rd movements of Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet.