Denim and oversized sweaters – Mary Ellen Fernandez

Denim and oversized sweaters

Mary Ellen Fernandez

Anchor Staff


Fall has officially arrived and with it comes cool mornings, changing leaves and of course the latest fashion trends. This season seems similar to that of last season with one small (or should I say big?) change: everything is oversized. Coats, sweaters, t-shirts you name it, nothing is true to size. This trend can be seen on the runways of New York, Paris and Milan in an array of styles, colors and textures. Designers like Stella McCartney are utilizing oversized sleeves and trousers to give a fresh look to professional casual wear.

Let’s be real, Fall is the perfect season to enjoy the cozy feeling of an oversized article of clothing. The fun thing about wearing oversized things is that you can mix and match your fits. You can wear an oversized, chunky sweater with tight-fitting jeans or a form fitting camisole with baggy- fit boyfriend jeans. The possibilities are endless and so are the fabric choices to be made. The most popular this fall are mohair, suede, cotton and of course denim.

This season has also called for a good boot, whether it be in the style of a simple Chelsea or a tougher looking biker cut. It’s all about treating your feet to the latest in leather or suede with a slight heel. Pairing these styles with your choice of a straight-leg jean and frayed bottom or with a simple pair of culottes is the perfect fall outfit. Don’t be afraid to show off your ankles this season; pairing a cut-off pair of jeans with some low Chelsea boots is the perfect way to keep cool on a warm Autumn day.

So remember: when it comes time to gear up for the season, it’s all about the oversized fit, denim, the leather or suede boot and letting your ankles take a breather in a pair of cut-off jeans or trousers. These fall fashion finds can be integrated into any wardrobe, whether you like to keep it casual or dress professional. You can enjoy your football Sundays or your pumpkin flavored chais in warm, cozy clothing that will be sure to have you on this season’s best dressed list.

“Beauty and the beast” 25th anniversary blu-ray review – Patrick Connolly

“Beauty and the beast” 25th anniversary blu-ray review
Patrick Connolly
Anchor Staff

I’ll put it like this: as a movie by itself, “Beauty and the Beast” is a masterpiece, but when viewed on Blu-Ray, it is the equivalent to a profound religious experience. For all of my life, I’ve always said that any film can be watched and enjoyed in any perspective if done well, whether it’s 2-D, 3-D, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc. While I still think “Beauty and the Beast” is an amazing film in its own right, watching it on Blu-Ray gives me an even greater appreciation of the film than ever before. Happy 25th anniversary, indeed.

Most of you know the story: a woman named Belle (Paige O’Hara) emotionally connects with the Beast (Robby Benson), who is really a prince in disguise yearning to fall in love before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose. Because of the film’s cultural prevelance, I will be solely reviewing the blu-ray edition itself and not necessarily the film. Although, for the love of all things that are good in this world, if you have yet to see this film, I will personally lend you my copy for free.

Let’s start off with the absolute best aspects of the experience: the technical details, especially the picture quality. This is some of the best animation you will ever see in a Disney film, and on Blu-Ray it’s absolutely glorious. I can go on and on about some of my favorite moments of the experience, but for me, my favorite part is the subtle color change at the beginning of “Belle.” It almost made me cry, and that was just the first few minutes.

There are also some terrific bonus features on the disc, particularly “Menken and Friends: 25 Years of Musical Inspiration.” This consists of a extraordinarily talented group of composers, including Lin Manuel Miranda and Stephen Schwartz, discussing the music written by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman. Some might suggest this is a little too congratulatory, but honestly, when the music is that good, it’s impossible not to gush.

Twenty five years later, “Beauty and the Beast” remains one of the greatest animated films ever made, as well as one of my favorite movies of all-time. Blu-Ray, DVD, it doesn’t matter, for it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with this beautiful work of art.

A road paved with rock part three – Jonathan Carney

A road paved with rock part three

Jonathan Carney

Anchor Editor


My Dad and I had moved to the island community of Jamestown, Rhode Island, just in time for me to start eighth grade. He would teach in the same school I attended, though he did not teach my grade, nor did I have his class. The close proximity was awkward and provided tension as often as it did time to bond. That year featured many periods where my resentment of his house rules intensified the tensions between us. This would serve as a catalyst for my final conversion from country music to harsher, harder melodies.

Before school started, we formed a habit of playing the radio whenever we drove. Since he could not stand country, and even I was beginning to tire of it, we tuned to the 94 HJY rock station. It was there that I first heard one song by the band that would become my eternal favorite.

They were a band from the city of Chicago named Disturbed. They referred to their music as metal, though most people classified them as hard rock. The song I heard on the drive up Narragansett Avenue that afternoon was “Indestructible,” whose very first power chord grabbed me and never let go.

The song begins with ominous sirens amidst the sounds of warfare. Suddenly a vicious, rhythmic onslaught of power cords from Dan Donegan’s guitar rises above the chaos. The chords are punctuated periodically by a sharp intake of breath from vocalist David Draiman. The verse swings in with Danny picking notes in a steadily marching rhythm, complemented by heavy rumblings from John Moyer’s bass. It is here that David gives voice to the first words of the song. Singing from the perspective of a soldier in battle, he verbally illustrates his dedication to his mission and issues a grim warning to his opponent. Mike Wengren’s drums pick up their assault, more power chords are pumped out by Danny, and David’s staccato chorus issues an aggressive declaration of his own invincibility. David ends the chorus with a dark, threatening call to his adversary. He commands them to look around, so that they may see all the foes he has vanquished just before he delivers them to the same fate. After a fierce and energetic solo from Danny, the final chorus ends and slams out one last power chord that slowly fades away.

It would be safe to say, without exaggeration, that this song was my sole inspiration to not just run, but run fast. My exposure to this song conveniently coincided with me joining a cross-country team for the first time. I soon learned that the fire and brimstone of songs like “Indestructible” were potent fuel for training. After this experience, I emphatically threw the entire country genre, previously beloved, right out the window. Years of worshipping this band have caused Draiman’s powerful voice to permanently burn itself into my brain. And this song was only the beginning.

Women’s Soccer team fall to Lesley, 3-2. – Julian Borges

Women’s Soccer team fall to Lesley, 3-2.

Julian Borges

Sports Editor


A non-conference game against Lesley University resulted in defeat for the Anchorwomen at home last Monday.

The beginning of the game looked promising to the Anchorwomen. 14 minutes into play, Rhode Island College sophomore midfielder Leah Gravel chipped over Lesley’s defense and gifted the ball to her classmate and forward Brittany DeGrooth who deked the Lynx goalie to sneak in a shot within the keeper’s office.

In the 15th minute of the game, just a minute after DeGrooth’s goal, Lesley struck back after senior forward Julie Essick (Boerne, TX) ripped a shot from over 25 yards out to equalize.

The Anchorwomen sought to break the tie and in the 31st minute, DeGrooth gifted junior midfielder Stephanie Ricci a pass that resulted in the latter scoring RIC’s second and final goal of the contest just outside the net.

Twelve minutes later, towards the close of the first half, Lesley would equalize once again in the 43rd minute. Lynx sophomore forward Xaelel Allen-Coballero (Henrietta, NY) whacked a shot from inside the penalty box following an assist credited to junior defender Maddy Kelly (San Jose, CA.)

The Anchorwomen walked off the field after the first half, tied with Lesley 2-2. The visitors, at the time, retained a large 12-3 shot advantage over the hosts.

The 75th minute of the game saw Lesley score the tie breaker that sealed the victory for the Lynx. Late in the second half, Lesley’s sophomore midfielder, Jordan Mitchell (Sachse, TX) slid in a shot after a cross from Essick, who assisted in the final goal of the game.

The Anchorwomen fought vigorously in the final 15 minutes of the game. With just 5 minutes left in the contest, a RIC attempt at an equalizer saw the ball hit the far side of the post. Lesley walked off the field victorious over the Anchorwomen, with a score of 3-2.

RIC freshman keeper Amber-Marie Francois made seven blocks in the loss for the Anchorwomen. The junior keeper for the Anchorwomen, Brianna Sousa made two saves in her efforts. The Lynx goalkeepers, junior Lilly Donovan and freshman Brittley Gaan (Bellevue, WA) each made one save.

Women’s Volleyball maintain even record – Enrique Castaneda-Pineda

Women’s Volleyball maintain even record

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda

Assistant Sports Editor


Last week, Rhode Island College played two home games against Little East Conference opponent Keene State and against Nichols College for the final two games of the month. As the season passes its midway point, the team’s record is currently 6-6. In the Little East Conference, however, they are 0-2. One of the losses was against last week’s opponent, Keene State.

Keene State proved to be an extremely strong opponent, though RIC did not back down and fought for every point throughout the game. Throughout the game, both teams were almost matched in kills per set in every set, apart from the first set where Keene had 15 kills compared to RIC’s 10, they both managed to get 10 kills in both the second and third sets.

The first set was pushed to extra points, with Keene State taking it 26-24. The following two sets both ended with the same result: a tight 25-22 loss for RIC and a clean sweep of 3-0 for Keene State. Though a very close game, it is possible that the outcome could have been different had RIC committed less errors, totaling 29 errors compared to Keene’s 13.

Next up is the game against Nichols, which started off close, but ended in a 3-0 win for RIC.

The first and second set proved to be tight for both teams as they ended in scores of 25-18 and 25-21, respectively. It seemed to be a completely different story for the final set as it seemed Nichols just handed RIC the win as the Anchorwomen when on the offensive with the set ending in a 25-10 victory.

Jillian Ward and Courtney Lambrese led the team with a total of 15 kills combined and a total of 27 for the team.

Dayna Reilly wins Women’s Tennis Player of the Week…again! – Marissa Marsella

Dayna Reilly wins Women’s Tennis Player of the Week…again!

Marissa Marsella

Anchor Staff


Rhode Island College junior athlete Dayna Reilly has done it again! After her astonishing performance this week, crushing her opponents for a 2-0 victory in both singles and doubles action over Curry College and Western Connecticut, Reilly was announced Little East Conference Women’s Tennis Player of the Week for the second time this season!

Reilly played perfect singles matches, posting a (6-0, 6-0) win in the No. 1 spot, assisting in an 8-1 victory over Curry College on Sept. 22nd and matched her score in the same spot against her opponent from Western Connecticut two days later, resulting in a 9-0 win for the Anchorwomen.

The doubles action for Rhode Island College also proved to be impressive with Reilly once again undefeated in her No. 1 spot, posting an 8-4 win against Curry College as well as an 8-1 victory against Western Connecticut. Her current position for the season stands at 6-1 in both No. 1 singles and No. 2 doubles.

In further news, the Anchorwomen continued their perfect season with a 7-2 victory over UMass Dartmouth on Tuesday, Sept. 27th. This proved to be the eighth straight win for the Women’s Tennis team this year, resulting in an undefeated 2016 season for the Anchorwomen thus far.

The ladies won two out of three doubles matches. The No.1 pair, Reilly and her counterpart, Julie Reddy, posted an 8-2 win over UMass followed by Laura Nastasi and Jorgie Martin, the No. 3 doubles pair who together had an 8-4 win over UMass duo Kheyla Orival and Natasha Shiku.

In singles action, both Reilly and Reddy posted wins over UMass Dartmouth’s Lahaie and McCaffrey in No. 1 and No. 2 spots (6-1, 6-2) (6-1, 6-1). Nastasi posted a No. 3 singles spot victory with a score of (6-3, 6-2) over Dartmouth’s Fastino and RIC’s Braganca taking a (6-1, 6-2) win in the No. 4 singles spot. The final singles victory for the Anchorwomen resulted in a (7-6, 6-3) win at the No. 6 spot by Romeo.

The Anchorwomen are currently undefeated. Keep up the good work, girls!

RIC down Hawks, 3-0. – Julian Borges

RIC down Hawks, 3-0.

Julian Borges

Sports Editor


It did not take long for the Anchormen to begin their shutout against Roger Williams last Wednesday. Just three minutes into the game, junior midfielder Ty Catunto took advantage of a defensive clearing attempt gone wrong and shot the ball from ten yards out—scoring one of three goals Rhode Island College earned during the game.

In the 36th minute, the Anchormen almost lost their chance in maintaining a shutout. Just nine minutes before the first half was over, Roger Williams freshman midfielder Garrett Bolton (Candia, NH) blasted the ball in an attempt to equalize. However, RIC goalkeeper Chris Moura dove for a save that helped the Anchormen retain their clean sheet status going into the second half.

RIC walked off the field after the first half with a dominating 16-3 shot advantage over the Hawks.

When the second half began, it wasn’t until the 57th minute that the Anchormen scored again. Freshman midfielder Kevin Tay Munoz controlled the ball in centerfield and lobbed it to Catunto who then crossed the ball right to Komla Dogbey who ripped it into the upper left corner of the net.

Less than 20 minutes later, the Anchormen would earn their third and final goal of the game in the 75th minute when the RWU squad made an error that resulted in an own goal.

RIC’s Moura made four saves and nabbed his third clean sheet of the season while RWU’s freshman goalie Edmund Geschickter made eight saves in the loss to the Anchormen.

The Anchormen walked off the field victorious with a 7-1 lead in corner kicks and an astronomical 23-7 shot advantage over the Hawks.

Men’s golf to defend championships – Enrique Castaneda-Pineda

Men’s golf to defend championships

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda

Assistant Sports Editor   


This past week, the Men’s Golf team played in the Williams Invitational and the Westfield State Invitational.  These invitationals are the final games before the GNAC (Great Northeast Athletic Conference) and NEIGA (New England Intercollegiate Golf Association) championships, which the team has been champions of for an outstanding five years straight. The Men’s Golf team will surely look to continue this tradition.

The NEIGA is held by the Rhode Island College Men’s Golf team. This team went on to place 11th (out of 18 teams) in the Williams Invitational.  hough that does not seem great, the individual scoring was very consistent for the team ranging between 151-166. Austin Cilley led the team shooting with a score of +9, but a score of 76 the first day and 75 the second day.

Next up, in the Westfield State Invitational, the team placed 2nd out of 14 teams, going back to their usual dominance on the course. Cilley, Mike Caparco, and Tom Sheran shot a score of 75, 76, and 77, respectively.  They scored a total of 306 to place 2nd as Babson College took 1st place shooting a score of 292.

The GNAC Championship will be held on Oct. 15th and 16th while the NEIGA Championship will be held on Oct. 23rd and 24th.

Cross country runners win LEC awards – Marissa Marsella

Cross country runners win LEC awards

Marissa Marsella

Anchor Staff


During the Pop Crowell Invitational hosted by Gordon College last week, the Rhode Island College Men’s Cross Country team had three of their runners place in the top 50 of 106 competitors. Although RIC did not compete as a team this week, junior athlete Jonathan Carney finished in 18th place with a racing time of 28:57 for the 8k course. Rhode Island College freshman athlete Helder Gomes placed 24th with a time of 29:22, earning the title of LEC Men’s Cross Country Rookie of the Week, and Rhode Island College sophomore Jeff Garson placed 47th with a timed run of 31:07.

As for the women, Rhode Island College sophomore Margaret McCaffrey was named Little East Conference Women’s Cross Country Runner of the Week after recording a personal best time of 20:49 and finishing in 20th place out of 120 runners during the Pop Crowell Invitational. Following McCaffrey’s victory, her teammates performed accordingly with RIC freshman Cassidy Bissitt finishing in 21st place with a personal record of 20:50, junior Briana Lenihan placing 23rd with a time of 20:59, senior Allison Lomas placing 52nd at 22:21, and sophomore Veronica Northup finishing in 61st place with a time of 23:17.

In 65th place for the Anchorwomen came senior Abigail Dandurand (23:29), in 66th place was junior Lissa Almanzar (23:31), 69th place was owned by freshman Sarah Basler (23:44), and in 86th place came junior Tess Rhoat with a timed run of 26:07.

Catch the Cross Country teams on Saturday, Oct 8th at 11 a.m. during the James Earley Invitational next week for more action.

Strict teachers are better – Kristy O’Connor

Strict teachers are better

Kristy O’Connor


Every college student knows the relief of getting your syllabus on the first day of classes and realizing that you got the luck of the draw in the teacher department. Combing through the pages, you start to realize that the review on Rate My Professor is living up to its name. You have a “relaxed” teacher, also known as a bullshit class.

Back when I was a freshman, I too was swept up in the notion that this type of teacher was better. I used to wish every teacher was like the one I had who gave take-home exams, canceled class all the time, and let us be on our phones the whole class. Then I started to realize that, although this seemed like a good thing, it was actually counterproductive to my education.

Whenever I have a relaxed teacher, I notice a deterioration in my attitude towards school. I start to do less work because I know I can get away with it, and I begin to put off my assignments until the hour before they are due. I also allow myself to skip more classes because I know that the teacher will not care and will not take points off of my grade.

On the other hand, when I have the type of teacher that most college kids dread, I find a drastic difference in my demeanor and the overall way I treat my education. I do all of my homework, I attend every class, and I put my phone away for the entire duration of class. I do what every college student should be doing.

Over the years I have started to feel bad for relaxed teachers because of the way students treat them. There is a dramatic difference in the level of respect that they get, and students will not take their classes seriously. This is not fair at all to teachers who are doing their best to teach. They deserve to have students who are ready and willing to learn, but at the same time they need to treat the class in a way that will make students want to be there.

Relaxed teachers, however, are also unfair to students. You are paying for a good education and that is what you should receive. Having a teacher who makes the class so easy that you could learn more from watching a YouTube video is not fair to those who pay for college, especially the people who pay by credit.

Despite this, there are some teachers who are strict and relaxed at the same time. These are my favorite types of teachers. The level of respect is there, but you also know that the teacher wants you to learn and do well. These types of teachers help you through the class by finding balance between being your teacher and your friend.

With my time at Rhode Island College winding down, I have come to appreciate the variety of teachers that I have had, even the ones who made class so ridiculously easy that you could skip every class and still pass. The problem with this is if you have a class where the information you are supposed to learn relates to other classes you take, you will be screwed for future classes. Think about that the next time you purposely take a class with a relaxed teacher. Maybe it will change your perspective on things.