The Finals Marathon

Alison Macbeth –Assistant Opinions Editor

It’s that time of the year – anxiety, breakouts and stress-eating to get through the end of the semester pileup. No matter how much coffee you drink, it feels like you will never have enough time to finish every project, paper and assignment. Surviving finals is like running a marathon. It takes persistence, determination and pluck. But that grit doesn’t start the last week of the semester.

Succeeding in finals is very similar to finishing a marathon. Runners must train, practice and prepare. However, many students treat finals like a sprint. They don’t prepare for the 26 mile grueling run, but rather for a hundred meter dash. This looks like long nights of cramming for the next exam and crossing fingers when submitting the paper.

However, if more students saw finals season as finishing a marathon they would have a vision throughout the semester. What I mean by vision is as nerdy as this: start studying for your finals at the beginning of the semester. Now, what I don’t mean is literally start studying for your finals after your first class, but rather listen in class, take notes and of course – be there! This is the training part of the marathon process.

The next thing marathoners do is practice. Professors often give readings, quizzes and study guides that culminate in a final exam. Completing homework as a way of preparing for the final will relieve the burden of learning material while you’re trying to cram for an exam.

Lastly, marathoners finish the marathon. They eat well the day of the race, sleep and continue healthy habits so that they are in tip top shape for the race. Students need to do the same by taking walking breaks and filling up on good snacks. Stay strong, dear student.

Now if you have not practiced these techniques this semester, don’t fret! You can still excel! Simply don’t wait until the last minute to start your project or paper. No matter how much you prepare, finals will always be challenging.

Remember there are a lot of people on the sidelines cheering for you.