SCG discusses upcoming changes to RIC

Sean Richer –Anchor Staff

As the Academic Year at Rhode Island College begins to draw to a close, the Student Community Government (SCG) is beginning to lay the groundwork for next year. The first discussion was centered around the impending increase in tuition at RIC. Starting next year, tuition will increase by $325 per semester. This controversial decision has raised the ire of many people on campus, and they are asking why. The President of SCG, Joshua Percy, shared his frustrations with this new tuition hike saying, “Why impose this increase if it’s not allocated to some of the programs the students are asking for? We need to find out why.”

Many of the proposed changes during last week’s meeting were focused on infrastructure and services at the college. Among them was the possibility of hiring a new crossing guard on the east side of campus, as well as rejuvenated maintenance of the intersection at the east entrance. However, both of these changes would fall under the jurisdiction of the state, not the college. Therefore, a motion would have to be brought to the North Providence City Council.

Other proposed changes included expanding the hours of operation at the bookstore, and the re-opening of the campus convenience store. The staff representative, Arthur Patrie, resisted this proposal saying, “The last convenience store could not break even, the fact of the matter is, if we want it, we have to use it.” These motions were left aside for later discussion, but Vice President Monk Cain finished by saying, “I will not stop with this initiative.”

The student body at large has been clamoring for many of these changes for a long time. One example of these changes is the new garden and upgraded ingredients at Donovan Dining center. This includes the expansion of menu options, including vegan and gluten free alternatives.