CUFI: A new group on campus

Tim Caplan –News Editor

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) established a new chapter at Rhode Island College this semester, and after having their constitution approved by Student Community Government (SCG), opened a booth at Donovan Dining Center last Wednesday to engage students on their advocacy of the state of Israel.

Delta Ayres, Genesis Jiminez, and Caitlyn Tiodor set up a booth in Donovan Dining Center last Wednesday to discuss their cause with the student community as well as advocate for “Save a Child’s Heart” an Israeli non-profit focused on providing cardiac care for children in developing countries.

“Some of the main issues that we’re concerned about is just the peace of Israel…We want there to be peace agreements, we want rockets to stop being fired at Israel, we want to stop innocent people being killed, and we want to protect the children on both sides,” said Tiodor.

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) is operated through Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, where children from third world countries are brought to be given cardiological treatment.  SACH also trains doctors from these different countries across the world and shows them how to perform some of these complex heart surgeries so that they may bring that knowledge and skills back with them to their countries.

When asked about what some of the goals for their group are, Tiodor stated, “Our goal is to have an event one day where we have some speakers come in and talk about it, maybe our pastor or some holocaust survivors.”