Nicholas Cage and an acid trip through hell

Alec Ematrudo –A&E Editor

It’s no secret that Nicholas Cage, a former Oscar-winner for Best Actor, has been deep within the hole of straight-to-DVD movies for the better part of the last decade. The once celebrated actor, has become a meme, the face of countless B-grade and even C-grade films, and has almost entirely descended into what many might call a series of mental breakdowns. If he had just stolen one more historical declaration, or just decided to not play Ghost Rider, things may have been different for Cage these last several years.

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That being said, Panos Cosmato’s “Mandy” which debuted last year to audience and critical acclaim, may have just launched Cage’s career into a cult-hit renaissance. Hold my beer and let me explain.     “Mandy” premiered this past year and swept film festivals by storm. Critics hailed it as a masterpiece and possibly one of Cage’s best performances in years, if not ever. This film, which you almost certainly have never heard of, pits Cage’s character; Red Miller, against a fanatical hippy cult, and several interdimensional demons who ride quad bike and motorcycles. Sounds insane right? It most certainly is. Once you add in a moody synth-wave soundtrack and an incredible use of color and psychedelic/gothic imagery, you’re in for a wild ride. There’s also a tiger and a chainsaw battle… but we don’t need to get into that right now.

“Mandy” is most certainly not for everyone. I don’t want to mislead you into thinking this is a fun action flick. It’s a slow-burn color orgy for around seventy percent of the film. However, against all odds, this movie is satisfying and legitimately really good from both a filmmaking and narrative perspective. On top of all that, Cage does in fact give his performance his all. There’s a scene where the camera doesn’t cut away and allows Cage to have one of his signature freakouts all in frame and it’s incredibly well acted and equally as engaging to watch.

In other news, Cage is currently filming and starring in a film adaption of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Color out of Space.” All signs are indicating that this film will, like “Mandy,” be another beautifully chaotic cult hit amongst film buffs and dedicated H.P. Lovecraft fans alike. I will provide more info on that movie as it comes out but expect it to be released either later this year or first quarter of 2020.

Nicolas Cage might be making a comeback and I’m all here for it. Regardless, I highly recommend that you all should watch “Mandy.” The director has a sequel idea in mind, where it would have Cage fighting Nazi punks in a bombed out city and I for one really hope that comes to fruition.

Mandy is available for purchase on Amazon Prime and iTunes, as well as as available for streaming on Shudder.