From the archives

Catherine Enos –Opinions editor

This archived article is from the February 26, 1979 issue of The Anchor.

People like to think of college as a time where students take on more mature roles and start their transition into adulthood. Apparently, this didn’t seem to be happening in 1979, when food fights in Donovan Dining Center started to become commonplace.

Authors Bill Hardman, David Medberry and David Gorham didn’t seem to enjoy the frequent flinging of food in the dining center and told The Anchor as much in a letter to the editor 40 years ago. In the letter, they express their contempt for their fellow students (or “animals,” as they refer to them) and ask for the administration to create a more high school-like environment, asking for repercussions such as suspension.

On the one hand, times seem to have changed––luckily, no one in the dining center is throwing food at others. A curious, somewhat unrelated ending to the letter shows us that maybe things haven’t changed so much: “RIC does not want to become another URI.” It seems as if URI had already obtained its status as a “party school” as far back as 1979. Though it’s a minor part of the article, it shares with us a part of Rhode Island’s history.