StyleWeek Northeast: a recap of season 16

Abigail Nilsson – Anchor Contributor

Fashion on the runway has taken an interesting turn from glamorous gowns to bold and unconventional couture. StyleWeek Northeast returned to the Providence Convention Center for season 16, with a look into new styles that are making their mark on the runway. Each designer expressed meaning, culture, and talent within their fashion to leave the crowd in awe.

Mikayla Frick’s collection portrayed a sense of being on Tatooine with the Tusken Raiders consisting of nude tones and chunky fabrics that protect you with a sense of style from a variety of elements.

Delayne Dixon’s styles took a totally different turn and rocked down the runway to AC/DC wearing gowns with dark tones and metallics. This line was bold, and shouted both elegance and party in each article of clothing. Dark makeup and fierce expressions complimented the the gowns’ party statement. Rock on Dixon!

Lalla bee, on the other hand, had a very distinct style of bright floral patterns on many of the dresses, with colors that jumped out and made a beautiful, bold glimmering statement. The dresses were elegantly crafted with a “Great Gatsby” flare.

Tallulah & Poppy had a conventional style using timeless dresses with colors and textures that brought attention to the silhouette of the model. The bold makeup on the models exaggerated the different materials used in the composition of the dresses demonstrating that they will not go out of style.

Amy Page Deblasio had street style clothing that spoke to comfort. Her fashion ranged from kimonos and camo, to torn jeans and leggings. The models added a flare of break-dancing down the runway to demonstrate the diversity of the styles.

Though “StyleWeek Northeast” came to a close for the season, that does not mean that the fashion did. For more information on the designers of StyleWeek Northeast you can visit