Choir’s spring semester

Thomas Yakey Jr. – Anchor Staff

The Rhode Island College Concert Chorus is up to a lot this time of year. This spring, in addition to their two regular concerts, two guest groups are coming, and the chorus is starting to gear up for their bi-annual international concert tour.

Both of the RIC choral concerts, the Spring Choral Concert on Friday, March 8, and the Bon Voyage Choral Concert on Friday, April 26 are at 7:30 p.m. in Sapinsley Hall.  They are sure to be unbelievable concerts featuring the work of many great Western composers. The March concert is programmed with many A cappella pieces to help the students learn, as well as challenge them.

The choral director, Dr. Teresa Coffman, said she is excited for these pieces because they all sound different every time they’re performed.  She thinks that the choir this semester may finally be a well-balanced choir which will create a wonderful sound. Having a truly mixed choir and allowing no person to stand next to someone of the same voice, creates a more uniform sound and helps the students be more in tune.  The singers will sing more freely and have less tension in their voices.

Dr. Coffman insisted that everyone know, “It’s a privilege for me to work with our students, but it’s also a privilege for the students to make music together as a family.  Rhode Island College is a special place.”

A few weeks ago, Room Full of Teeth, a revolutionary group of eight singers who have toured the country, made a stop at Rhode Island College.  They held a small clinic with the choir offering different tips to add musicality to pieces and then performed a concert that night. From yodeling, to classing singing, to throat singing, the group could do it all.  They have since even been featured in the New Yorker.

Coming up in March, a group called Young @ Heart will also be visiting RIC.  This group consists of both men and women over seventy-five years old who come together to sing.  They have toured internationally, have their own documentary, and have even performed on Ellen. Their music videos can be found on YouTube. On March 19 at 7:30 p.m., they will perform at RIC and accompany the RIC chorus for a couple of songs.  Please note that each RIC student can get two free tickets with their student ID for this event, so there is no reason to miss out!Along with these events, the choir is starting to gear up for their international tour in May of 2020.  This is the choir’s tenth stop on the international concert tour as they head to France for the first time.  They have been to places ranging from Ireland to Spain, and Austria to Slovenia. Members who attend always learn so much about other cultures, and do their best to represent RIC and the U.S. abroad.  The choir’s last performance will take place in Paris, at the Notre Dame.