Artist Spotlight: Abigail Walsh

Samantha Malley – Art Director

Earning her bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Abigail Walsh will be graduating this May. However, it was just a few years ago that Abby found her passion for art.

Four years ago, Abby started as a business major but knew something wasn’t right. Encouraged by her mom to do something that she enjoyed, Abby changed majors. “I knew I liked being creative and working with my hands and as I continued in the program, I found myself loving and enjoying art more and more,” said Abby. Eventually, she found herself concentrating in the sculpture program knowing that she liked creating something that a viewer could hold, touch, and even interact with.

Her past work deals with pieces of metal interacting with craft materials such as yarn and patterned scrapbook paper. Drawing inspiration from flowers and geometric profiles, Abby brought up the craft versus fine art argument. After that, she began to use more craft materials to bring in some humor.

Photos provided by Abigial Walsh

Pictured is the world of Abylonia: brightly colored, fun filled, environment for these unique creatures Abby designed. Each creature has their own name and attributes connecting them to one another like a real ecosystem. For example, the ‘Furvles’ are small mammals that survive in a group containing at least 15 members. Abby explained, “the males can be identified by their thick manes and large tails whereas the females have larger ears to help scavenge for food.” Another example is of a ‘Skoonta’ which is a “small carnivorous hunter that has a long body topped with spikes along its spine.” The Skoonta then slithers around stalking its prey which is no other than a Furvle!

This semester, she plans on creating a more interactive installation allowing the viewer to step into this crazy craft world: “I have a whole new set of creatures in mind and plan on bringing them to life in a new bright environment.”