“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” and its unlikely mash-up of elements

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda – Senior Layout Editor

Friendship and fighting are typically on opposite ends of the spectrum until a show like “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” comes along and proves otherwise.

Released in October, the show has amassed a large following in a short amount of time, especially with the anime streaming service “Crunchyroll” promoting it in the U.S. The show starts off with a huge twist, but as the title suggests, it is about reincarnation, so the first few minutes set-up the main character’s new life as a slime monster.

Graphic courtesy of Crunchyroll

In the world of video games and the show, slimes are regarded as low-tier monsters. However, throughout the slime’s journey, he learns more abilities just by eating, swimming and fighting other monsters. For those fans of video games, the slime learns abilities that mirror popular RPG (role-playing games) titles like “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and “God of War.” Unlike those games, as the slime encounters others that can communicate with him, he tries to avoid being immediately hostile. As the slime progresses and learns, the power of the slime continues to grow, which does not go unnoticed by others.

An unexpected virtue of the series is the precise animation with every move the slime makes, including his big fights. The choreography of the fights and the creative ways that the team behind the show devised the slime’s fighting style never ceased to surprise me.

The show consistently seems as though it is going to go in one direction, but the absolutely pure and fun mind of the main character always takes it in a unique and creative direction. The balance of an incredibly powerful being and someone who just wants everyone to get along makes the main character’s inner monologues somehow incredibly relatable.

Having a healthy mix of great fights and constant plot development, there are barely, if any episodes that do not move the plot forward. The show is currently streaming on Crunchyroll with subtitles, or on Funimation for the English dub.