No more millionaires for 2020

Alison Macbeth – Assistant Opinions Editor

With the former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, hinting at a presidential campaign, Americans are left wondering if our open campaigns are a joke. First, it was Donald Trump who was followed by an influx of millionaires in the executive branch. Then Kanye West’s presidential proclamations. Then the CEO of Disney, Robert Igner, hinted at the political race. Now it’s Howard Schultz. Is it just me or have the millionaires decided to come out of the woodwork and are now racing to become president?

Historically speaking, the forefathers didn’t want the United States to be ruled by the elite, but they were also fearful of an ignorant majority that would hinder the country’s success. So they favored the wealthy and many of the forefathers were elites themselves. Today we see a correlation. Many members of Congress and presidential campaigners have also come from wealth. Howard Schultz is just another example.

Schultz has run a successful global company, but this does not mean that he is qualified to be a president. Trump used the same qualifications to run for presidency. Ultimately, this capitalistic mindset won the vote. Is Schultz just another millionaire with more liberal values? Schultz has more progressive ideas which would appeal to liberal voters. Maybe they would include corporate tax breaks on tea and coffee. Maybe Starbucks will be the official drink of the U.S.

But here is the bottom line – just because you have a lot of money does not mean that you are qualified to run a country. Our democracy, since its inception, has been jeopardized by ruling elites.  I believe it is time that more Americans exercise their democratic freedom, retain active citizenship and rise as political leaders.

We don’t need Trump towers or Starbucks to run our country. We the people dumped tea (and maybe some coffee) into the harbor as a declaration of freedom. We must resist the rule of the bourgeoisie and look for something better in 2020.