From the archives

Catherine Enos – Opinions editor

This archived article is from the April 11, 1989 issue of The Anchor.

There are just some issues that will always be hot button issues–Democrat or Republicans? Pro-life or Pro-choice? Pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine? And, of course, Coca-Cola versus Pepsi, which was the hot button issue up for debate in The Anchor 30 years ago.

The school decided they were going to change things up with a Pepsi contract instead of Coke, and The Anchor thought this was front-page worthy news. In a poll The Anchor conducted, Coca-Cola was favored by 73 out of 75 students polled.

An interesting part about this 30 year old story is the fact that history has repeated itself. Just this fall, Pepsi invaded RIC as it did in 1989. However, perhaps it isn’t as big a deal as it was in 1989. Americans aren’t drinking as much soda as they have in the past. Soda consumption has declined in recent years, with people opting for bottled water or coffee instead and the campus hasn’t gotten rid of either of those.

Even if soda consumption was at the same level as it was 30 years ago, maybe people’s priorities have just changed. After all, there are more important matters to deal with as students, like the prospect of free tuition, the upgrading of decrepit campus buildings, and, of course, staying on top of classes. Sometimes, you have to pick your battles. The battle The Anchor chose in this 1989 issue just happened to be about soda.