2020: The (de-)evolution of politics

Catherine Enos – Opinions editor

Election day, November 3, 2020, is not that far away. Like a typical presidential election, a slew of candidates have announced their candidacy for the Oval Office already. But this is not a typical presidential election. This is the election after THAT election– after what happened in 2016.

The midterm elections last year were eerily typical (in terms of what politics has been like the past few years) and there were no races as extreme as the Trump vs. Clinton showdown. Now, 2020 is creeping up on us and we should know what to expect. But it seems like the Democrats have not gotten that message yet.

Trump won the 2016 election in part by appealing to those who don’t like politics and don’t normally vote. And although it’s very early in the election season to judge how candidates are performing, it’s important to keep in mind the idea that politics has changed.

Though some of the Democrats that have announced their candidacy are not unknown politicians, they are still politicians. None stand out from the crowd. That’s not to say that these politicians aren’t highly-qualified, eloquent and intelligent people. Clinton was all of those things and she isn’t the president. But she, apparently, represented what America doesn’t want (not entirely, though, since she won the popular vote).

Trump has been holding non-stop rallies and has essentially been campaigning since day one. Whether you like the President or not, he has revolutionized running for political office. He defied every “rule” for running a campaign and still won. As a result, his “base” is untouchable– if they haven’t been appalled by his blatant disrespect for the office, they’re not going to ever be appalled.

So the Democrats running have all of these new “rules” of campaigning to keep in mind, but it seems as if they’re all running with the old “rules.” In the following months, something revolutionary needs to happen for these politicians to capture the hearts of Americans — or at least the ones that aren’t Trump fans.