RIC athlete spotlight: Tamar Williams

Jake Elmslie – Sports Editor

It is fairly common for NBA teams who are trying to compete in the playoffs to trade for a player who provides them with that certain something they are missing. Be it a big man to help out with rebounding, a secondary ball handler to help facilitate passing, some extra scoring off the bench or even just an extra body to provide some depth. These sorts of acquisitions do not tend to happen in the world of Division III Basketball; however, the Rhode Island College Anchormen may have just lucked out with the midseason addition of freshman guard Tamar Williams.

#3 – Tamar Williams, Photo by Thomas Crudale

Williams began the season as a red shirt freshman at Division II Post University, a small private institution in Waterbury, Connecticut. Williams never felt quite comfortable at the university and believed that the school’s size and lack of opportunities both athletically and academically were limiting his ability to succeed.

Williams, a New Haven native, desired a change and two key personal connections helped him to settle on RIC. Firstly, he has a long-standing relationship with Anchormen captain and senior Justin Campbell, as both attended Hill Regional Career High School and according to Williams, the two are like brothers. Secondly, a Post University assistant coach, Garvin Mcalister has worked alongside RIC first-year head coach Tom Glynn, another connection that gave Williams a foot in the door with the RIC program.

Williams officially transferred to RIC on Jan. 1, and his impact was immediately felt by the Anchormen. Williams recorded double digit scoring efforts in each of his first three games including a 16 point effort over Castleton. When asked how he feels about playing for the Anchormen, Williams explained “playing for RIC is great, everybody stays together everyone picks each other up, we’re like a family, we practice hard every day, coach pushes us hard but he’s also like a friend.”

With the spring semester having started up in the last week, Williams, a business administration major also has nothing but good things to say about RIC academically: “RIC is fantastic, the professors are helpful, they make sure you get what you need.”

Williams has no plans to leave RIC anytime soon explaining that “I feel like this is home, we have a young team and I feel like I play a big part in that. Coach has me helping out with a lot of recruits, I feel like we have a big future and that I’m a key part of that future.” Williams also stressed that it was noted how thankful he is to Coach Glynn for the opportunity to play for RIC.