The Game Awards versus The Gamers’ Choice Awards

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda – Assistant Graphics Editor

Television has taken to video games, as “The Gamers’ Choice Awards” launched by CBS, becomes the first televised video game awards show. Unfortunately, its lacking knowledge of gaming and clear attempt at a ratings-grab has backfired incredibly.

Geoff Keighley is a video game journalist and television personality that has created one of the largest video game awards show to date. “The Game Awards” has slowly grown over the last five years, garnering an 11.5 million live viewership last year. If history has anything to show for it, this year should show another increase in viewership. “The Game Awards” have slowly cemented its position as the premiere game awards show, with many having worked together to build it to what it is now.

Graphic courtesy of GamingBolt

As CBS enters the fray with the “Gamers’ Choice Awards,” gaming fans are opposed to it doing well, because it goes against the amount of work the community has done to build “The Game Awards.”

Comparing the categories of the two shows, “The Game Awards” separates the genres, but the winners of each category are decided by both a panel of judges and the fans. The biggest difference between the two shows is “The Game Awards” uses “Best” and “Game of the Year,” while “Gamers’ Choice Awards” exclusively uses “Fan Favorite.” The worst complaint of the categories so far is that the “Gamers’ Choice Awards” includes outdated games in categories that should solely include games new to the year.

As the week of both shows near, audiences are supporting “The Game Awards” with everything they have to fight against the CBS cash-grab. This includes companies that are premiering exclusive trailers and content at “The Game Awards” that are ignoring the “Gamers’ Choice Awards,” including the Russo brothers who directed the latest “Avengers” films.

Only time will tell which will prevail, but if the internet has anything to say, “The Game Awards” will remain on top.