Sex and drugs in the dark

Erica Clark – Asst. News Editor

Sex and drugs are two topics that are constantly on the minds of college people. Rhode Island College (RIC) student Sissy Rosso hosted an event titled “Sex and drugs in the dark” in Willard Hall Wednesday night.

Graphic courtesy of RSA

Sex in the Dark is a national program that is hosted on multiple college campuses. This event was sponsored by Co-Exist, Residential Life and Housing as well as RICovery. This was RIC’s third time conducting the event on campus.  

The idea of sex and drugs in the dark is pulled from common human experience: people are more comfortable talking about these topics in a low-light setting.

Sissy Rosso explained the point of this event is to have “a very casual, fluid conversation around sex and drugs.  When it comes to sex and drugs, people already have these predisposed ideas.”

Rosso talked about how much having these conversations elevates the stigma around sex and drug use, as well as people being educated on the topics correctly.  

Anthony Maselli, who is a member of a peer group involved in HIV and STD education, was also a speaker on the panel along with Haley Mckee and Lisa Hoopis. The panel explained, “We added the drug component to ours because of the addiction epidemic in this state. We wanted to expand it, so people could be able to ask questions about sex and also drug use.”

Rosso said that by attending these events, “people are gaining knowledge on different concepts on sex and drugs.  It really is meant so people don’t feel weird about having different kinks, or learning more about it.”

As the topic of the recent Opioid crisis was brought up significantly during the event, Rosso made it clear these types of events bring better understanding to addiction and substance abuse which occur today.