Boom or Bust: Quarterbacks of The Future

Joseph A. Griswold – Anchor Staff

Patrick Mahomes will displace Tom Brady as the greatest of all-time. Hyperbole? Maybe, but with the elites of the National Football League, Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers closer to the end of their careers than the beginning. It is important to understand which young quarterbacks are slated to take their spots and which are likely headed to the XFL. Who is going to boom? And who is a bust?

Patrick Mahomes, 23, Kansas City Chiefs: Simply put, Mahomes, has set the NFL on fire this season and is leading virtually all major quarterback categories, including touchdowns with 37. Mahomes has shown not just spurts, but MVP performance throughout the entire season. The demerit is the plethora of weapons he has surrounding him, which some believe is the reason for his success. However, Alex Smith had virtually all the same weapons and never threw for more than 26 touchdowns. Mahomes has 37, and there are still five games to play. Although Mahomes may not surpass Brady, it is clear to see that he will be one of the top quarterbacks for years to come. –Boom

Sam Darnold, 21, New York Jets: Darnold currently leads the league in interceptions (14) and has only completed 55 percent of his passes. Darnold has been victim to constant pressure and a lack-luster receiving core. However, his biggest downfall comes in the form of his team and head coach. The New York Jets organization as a whole has a knack for stunting quarterback growth. Despite having an ample amount of money to spend in next year’s free agency the Jets will surely not add enough talent to make Sam Darnold a top quarterback. –Bust

Jared Goff, 24, Los Angeles Rams: Goff is perhaps the most interesting of the young quarterbacks because of his lackluster start. During his first season Goff was being labeled a bust and looked abysmal on the field. Luckily for Goff, the Rams decided former head coach Jeff Fisher’s mediocre mantra was not good enough and ousted him in favor of Sean Mcvay. Since Mcvay’s entrance last season the Rams have found new life and dominated most of their competition. Led by Goff’s 26 touchdown’s the Rams are frontrunners for the Super Bowl this year. Goff has shown incredible accuracy, arm strength and poise under pressure and has shown the capability to be an elite quarterback for years to come. –Boom

Baker Mayfield, 23, Cleveland Browns: The Cleveland Browns have won a game. In fact, they have won several games, four this season, which is tied for as many wins as they have had in the last three seasons combined. At the root of this turnaround, if you want to call it that is starting quarterback Baker Mayfield. Mayfield has shown the aggression and drive to take a talented team and win some games. Mayfield has shown throughout his young career and through college that he is not afraid to make any throw. However, Mayfield is eerily reminiscent to another former NFL quarterback with a ton of arm-strength: Jay Cutler. To the city of Cleveland, I apologize, but Mayfield will never develop to anything more than a gunslinger who will make some spectacular throws, but also trust his arm way more than he should. –Bust

Deshaun Watson, 23, Houston Texans: Last season, Deshaun Watson set the league on fire and was on pace to run away with the rookie-of-the-year-award, that was until he tore his ACL. This season the Texans started 0-3 before winning eight straight under Watson. Adversity has surrounded Watson since his entrance to the league, but through every challenge he has persevered. Watson has shown throughout his college and professional career that he is a winner. This season, despite the slow start Watson has led his team to first in the division and in a prime spot for a playoff berth. Watson has mobility, accuracy and arm-strength, all which flourish in an increasingly faster NFL. Watson’s ability and compete factor will drive him to be an elite quarterback over the next several seasons. –Boom

The NFL is changing. Although the next tier of elite quarterbacks may have different styles, rest assured the NFL is in very good hands.