The Payment to College Athletes

Joshua Percy – Anchor Staff

Colleges across the country house some of the premier sporting talent around the world, however none of them receive payment for playing. The conversation on whether or not they deserve to be paid has been constant for the last two decades. While top college athletes receive scholarships from colleges to come play for their school, however those who don’t really don’t receive any type of payment for playing.

The argument is that these college athletes put their careers on the line by playing in college, due to the fact that a career-ending injury could happen at any time. With that type of risk, should these athletes get paid from the start of their careers in college, or is scholarships and full rides through college enough to compensate these athletes?  

Graphic courtesy of NCAA

Injuries are always a risk no matter what you do, however, if you are a top 10 ranked athlete maybe you deserve more than just a scholarship, or maybe you should not have to go to college. The possibility of high school seniors going straight to the NBA and skipping college could solve the problem of college athletes wanting to get paid, it gives them the ability to choose if they want to go to college or go to get paid. Other sports faces challenges in solving the issue in the payment of college students, however, this type of conversation will always be a topic until some type of a solution is given in all sports, not just the NBA.

College football players should have similar a option to skip college and go straight to the NFL or possibly get bigger scholarships then they originally got. For baseball players, if they are drafted while in college, and they opt to stay in college but are connected to a major league team, they should get some type of payment or salary on top of scholarships.