Kick plastic water bottles to the curb (just kidding, please recycle them)

Lauren Enos – Assistant opinions editor

Everyone knows how easy and convenient plastic water bottles are. You’re in line after shopping for an hour and there’s a cooler full of ice-cold, refreshing bottled beverages right there for you. You’re in the dining hall and know that a water bottle would be so much more convenient than an open cup. You’re on your way out the door and the pack of water bottles is on your way out. It’s so easy to just grab plastic bottles in these situations. You drink them, toss them, and don’t think about the consequences.

We all know that when you’re done with that plastic bottle, you’re most likely putting it in the next trash receptacle you see, recycling or not. There are some people that will hold onto it until they can recycle it, which is great. But that’s not the majority of people, myself included. Yes, sadly, I’m guilty of this heinous crime.

But there’s a solution! If you know that you’re not going to hold onto your plastic bottles until you can recycle them, then don’t buy them! Reusable water bottles are a lifesaver for the planet and your wallet. They come in every color, size, shape, and material you could ever want. There are even thermal ones that will keep your drink hot or cold for hours. Pro tip: use a Yeti to sneak ice cream into a movie theater or class, I’m not judging.

The point is, it requires almost no extra effort to utilize a reusable bottle to bring drinks with you wherever you go. If you know that you like to have soda after you go shopping, then bring some in a reusable bottle. Take two extra seconds to fill a reusable bottle instead of grabbing a plastic one from the case at the front door or the dining hall. Plus, drinks in plastic bottles are too expensive – both for you and the planet.

I get it though, sometimes it just happens. You didn’t prepare, you’re in a bind, or that Dr. Pepper just looks too good to refuse at that moment. For the times when it does, just make sure to recycle!