From the archives

Catherine Enos – Opinions editor

These archived articles and illustrations come from the Spring 1972 issues of The Anchor.

In many ways, 1972 was an interesting year. Watergate happened, the Dallas Cowboys won their first Super Bowl, Atari released “Pong” and bell bottoms were in style. The Anchor, however, hit a minor slump during this year. The issues tended to be shorter (the average page count seemed to be 8-10 pages) and the highlight of the year (to use the term loosely) was a recurring section written by a doctor in a grotesquely anatomical Q&A column.

However, there’s always a few interesting tidbits in The Anchors of the past. Hidden in the 1972 issues of The Anchor are a few gems: a musical bunny confirming an urban legend, a discussion regarding an impending visit of well-known occultists (horror fans may recognize the Warrens from “The Conjuring”), an announcement regarding the ability to consume alcohol at campus functions, and a rather dramatic editorial cartoon reacting to the state of the nation.

Though The Anchor perhaps didn’t have its best year, it certainly provided some memorable things to look back on.