Artist Spotlight: Alex Teare

Samantha Malley – Art Director

By double majoring in art history and ceramics while working towards her Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA), Alex Teare has a lot on her plate.

It all started back in highschool for Alex, where she found her love for art by being able to explore different mediums. She originally came to Rhode Island College four years ago to pursue a career in teaching art. As time went on, her passion eventually shifted over to ceramics.

“I found ceramics something I just couldn’t leave” admits Alex.

Alex Teare, Photo courtesy of Samantha Malley

Immersing herself in the art world, she found Art History not only as an interesting topic in her field of study, but something that would help her improve upon her writing skills as well.

This semester, in Ceramics Four, Alex is working on a project which consists of stacking up a thousand cups. By stacking the cups in a pyramid manner, she brings up the debate of craft versus fine art.

“This is a giant pyramid you have to look up to and then realize it’s only made out of cups and it really starts the discussion of ceramics not being valued as fine art” states Alex.

She reflects upon her place in the fine art world by asking questions such as ‘How many cups will it take for it to be fine art?’ and ‘How many cups will it take for me to be good enough?’ She believes as a student in the art world, the topic of craft versus fine art can be brought up in any medium and is relatable to many.

In the future, Alex envisions herself stepping away from the fine art world and hopes to open a local store. Calling herself ‘The Clay Baker,’ Alex started her own business about two years ago. She hopes to own a space that would work as both a studio and a shop. The shop would allow her to sell her everyday objects such as mugs, bowls, plates and so on, as well as eventually teach classes and open her studio space to other artists.

If you are interested in seeing more of Alex’s work, follow her pottery business on Instagram and Facebook @TheClayBaker

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