POTUS, delete your account

Lauren Enos – Assistant opinions editor

The person holding the office of President of the United States can use just about any platform they want to make public announcements. In the past, this has meant radio announcements, breaking news TV segments and press conferences. With the advent of social media has come the very modern use of it as a platform to make announcements.

If the POTUS wants to have a private Twitter account for their friends and family, they should be more than able to do so. Twitter is just not an acceptable platform to convey important information to your constituents.

This also brings up the issue of blocking people. Can a person legally be blocked from an account that makes important announcements about the country in which they live? That would be like barring people from watching certain TV channels, listening to certain radio shows, and censoring the press. All of those things are illegal. Rather than hash out legal logistics, I think it would be much easier to just keep the POTUS of off Twitter.

I’m not just talking about our current President, either. Although he has been the only POTUS thus far to use Twitter in a way that is completely unprofessional, he probably won’t be the last. It is just not the correct platform to use for communicating major policy decisions. For that reason, I don’t think any President should have a Twitter account from which they make public announcements. It’s unprofessional and wouldn’t be accepted for any other profession. Imagine if your boss tweeted that he’s decided to downsize and lay off 50% of his workers? But when the President announces that he’s going to make major policy changes, like redact Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, it’s suddenly an acceptable thing to do?

Here you have the leader of our country tweeting out policy changes that will affect millions of people’s lives and it’s being communicated through a social media website with a 280 character capacity. This is especially ludacris since it often comes out that these decisions haven’t been run by anybody, are full of inaccuracies or are downright incorrect and they’re still considered official statements. The citizens of the free world deserve more than this.

POTUS, delete your account.