Men’s Basketball suffer loss in first Little East Conference matchup

Enrique Castaneda-Pineda Sports Editor

This week in Men’s Basketball,  Rhode Island College faced Bridgewater State, then Regis and Salem State at home before traveling away to play Fitchburg State. They returned home on Saturday to face Eastern Connecticut for their first Little East Conference (LEC) matchup.

First, against Bridgewater State, CJ Donaldson scored a total of 17 points to add to the 81-75 loss. Donaldson also managed to record six assists, four rebounds, and two steals. Meanwhile, Chris Farrington led the team with a total of 19 points as Justin Campbell scored 16 points to add to the grand total. Grant Gillis almost managed to come out with a double-double as he registered nine points and nine rebounds.

Returning home against Regis served fans a tight contest as both teams went back and forth for a majority of the first half. Nearing the end of the half, RIC managed to pull away to gain a 12 point lead.

RIC maintained that lead going into the second half, as Regis tried to make a come back mid-way through the half. They managed to bring the lead down to six, but RIC regained momentum and brought their lead back up to the highest of the game — 16 points. Regis tried to make a comeback, cutting the lead down to only two points, but with 1:39 left on the clock, RIC did not let them score and the game ended with a 74-72 win for RIC.

To end their small home stretch, RIC played against Salem State. Salem State had a 55.7 percent on the court for the game, while RIC had a 37.7 percent. Adham Floyd scored 20 points in the loss, with three rebounds and two assists. CJ Donaldson added to the total with 17 points, with five rebounds, assists and steals. Salem State ran away nearing the end of the first half with a 13 point lead, which ended the first half at 40-26. The team could not muster the strength to come back as the game ended with a 87-67 loss.

Visiting Fitchburg State, both teams went back and forth for most of the game as Roosevelt Shider scored 20 points coming off the bench. The first half ended with a 37-37 tie, as RIC gained a small lead of seven in the first five minutes of the half.

CJ Donaldson added 17 points to the score with five rebounds and assists. Adham Floyd almost registered a double-double as he scored 13 points and had nine rebounds. With seven minutes left in the game, a lead change in favor of Fitchburg State would be the nail in the coffin for RIC as they tried to mount a comeback ,but the game ended 73-71.

Finally, the team returned home to face Eastern Connecticut to close out the week. Roosevelt Shider managed to score 19 points while Adham Floyd scored 18 points plus five rebounds, an assist, a block and a steal. RIC had the lead for a couple of minutes until Eastern Connecticut took the game with an early 10 point lead. RIC did bring the lead down to two, but facing a possible lead switch,  Eastern Connecticut restarted their offense and ended the half with a 42-27 lead.

Returning from the half, the tenacity of the Warriors did not stop as they maintained their lead, reaching a lead of 28 points with three minutes left. The Anchormen would not be able to come back from the deficit as the game came to a close at 86-61.

The team currently has a record of 2-6. They will start their winter break after a home game against Johnson & Wales on Tuesday at 7 p.m., and will travel for two away games at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Thursday and UMass Boston for a LEC matchup on Saturday.