Artistic Expressions-Allison Raymond

Britt Donahue-Asst. A&L Editor

One of my favourite things about Rhode Island College is our amazing art department. Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, RIC awards B.A and B.F.A. degrees to talented artists and art educators every year. Hailing from the art department is Allison Raymond.

Allison, the Anchor’s Senior Layout Editor, is planning on graduating in May 2018 with her B.A. in Studio Art, with a concentration in painting, and a Minor in Art History. I sat down with her to talk about about her art and her time at RIC.

Allison told me that she originally wanted to be an interior designer, but her advisor Richard Whitten inspired her to pursue her Studio Art degree.

“Richard was the one who told me I was good enough, and gave me the confidence to do this.” When I asked if there was a particular teacher who helped her grow as an artist, she names John Rapczak.

“John almost harassed–well maybe harassed isn’t the right word,” she laughs. “I guess he helped me explore new ways of viewing art and pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

So what is Allison working on now? “I’m doing a series on the stages of grief, using color and environment to convey these different emotions. I am starting a large piece that uses mainly yellow, this is usually a happy color but I am hoping to juxtapose the cheerful color with the negative emotion of the subject matter.”

After 5 years at RIC, Allison is looking forward to graduation, and hopes to continue to work in a creative field. “After graduation I think I would like to work for a newspaper, or maybe on the artistic side of marketing.”

Good luck, Allison! I hope you enjoy your final year here at Rhode Island College.

If you are an art student planning to graduate in December 2017, or May 2018 and would like to be featured in a future issue, please email