Superhero Central – “The Runaways” run to Hulu – Sara Massa

Superhero Central – “The Runaways” run to Hulu

Sara Massa

Anchor Staff


Superheroes have monopolized the silver screens ever since “X-Men” came out in 2000. Since then, the superhero crowd has moved to TV, where we see “Arrow,” “Flash” and many others, before making their way to online streaming. After taking over Netflix, superheroes have now nudged a place on Hulu where the new series, “Runaways” will be featured.

The show will be based around the Marvel comic book series about a group of teenagers who come together to defeat a common enemy – their parents. They are the children of villains known as The Pride, which houses people from mob bosses to aliens.

“Runaways” introduces Alex Wilder, played by Rhenzy Feliz, the son of a mob boss. Even though he has no real superpowers, he becomes the unannounced leader of the group. Then we have Nico Minoru, portrayed by Lyrica Okano, a goth Japanese-American teenage girl who is also the daughter of dark wizards. Gertrude “Gert” Yorkes, played by Ariela Barer, is the child of time-travelers and with no real powers besides an odd mental link with a dinosaur named Old Lace. Chase Stein is the son of mad scientists and the oldest of the Runaways. He also has no real superpowers, but possesses x-ray goggles and Fistigons, the most powerful gauntlets in the world. The only alien on the team is Karolina Dean, a kind of solar-power-stealing alien known as a Majesdanian. She is also the only member of the team that is also homosexual. Lastly, there is Molly Hernandez, who is one of the only characters who has had her name changed. Originally named Molly Hayes, she is a mutant in the comics who ends up affiliated with the X-Men. This aspect has been removed because of the X-Men franchise is affiliated with 20th Century Fox, making Molly a bit unexpected for the Hulu series.

I am looking forward to how they will go about this new hero series, from Chase and Gert’s relationship, to the portrayal of Karolina and her insecurities as an alien and a lesbian. The show has no definite release date, but it is coming in 2018. Get ready for a new show to binge watch!