Stories from our archives – Shane Inman

Stories from our archives

Shane Inman

Managing Editor


1941 has hardly been a year for uplifting stories, so any chance for a change of pace is a welcome one. Sometimes a person steps up in a way that makes us all a little prouder to be part of humanity, and when that person is a student at Rhode Island College they make us just as proud to be members of this storied institution.

Morris Irving is one such student, apparently willing to put his own life in danger for the good of another. What motive could he have had beyond simple human compassion? He has not asked to be recognized for what he did. He does not want to be called a hero. But we at The Anchor feel that, especially when the world roils in war and hatred, it is essential to recognize the power of even a single act of selfless kindness. This is what we as a species are built on, and it is what we as a college are founded on.

If you happen to see Irving walking across the campus, try not to draw attention to him, but let him know in some quiet way that you are grateful for what he has done.