Q & Anchor – Gianna Rocchio

Q & Anchor

Gianna Rocchio

A&L Editor


What are the biggest issues at RIC that directly affect students?


Christine Lantagne, Social Work 2018 – “The tuition increase is a problem considering all the other costs going up, it makes it difficult to afford to be here everyday. The parking issues are also a huge problem. I am commuting here so I am forced to leave an hour early in order to find a parking place and make it to class on time.”


Kelly Palumbo, Social Work 2018 – “Parking is awful!! Makes me late to class. Especially awful that we are ticketed for parking elsewhere.”


Natalia Navarro, Social Work 2018 – “The speed bump signs are very small and difficult to see, especially at night. I’ve spoken to other students and those who live in the community who experience the same issues with the speed bump sign visibility.”


Alicia Barra, Social Work 2018 – “The classes fill up way too fast and have limited options for students, which is hard for those of us that work and go to school. The parking is horrible too.”


Anthony Palumbo, Social Work 2018 – “The parking situation is awful on campus. The school should build a multi-level parking garage on top of an existing parking lot.”