Ali interviews: Gwen Deblois – Ali O’Gara

Ali interviews: Gwen Deblois

Ali O’Gara

Sherlock Center Intern


Gwen DeBlois spent two years at Arcadia University before transferring here to Rhode Island College, but she loves the community on RIC’s campus. Gwen lives here on campus and she participates in different events that clubs organize. She also enjoys her work in the Theatre department as a technical assistant at Nazarian Center.

On a normal day at RIC, Gwen typically goes to work at the Nazarian and hangs out  with her suite mates as well as her friends at the radio station. Gwen loves to read different types of books but she doesn’t have a favorite author. Gwen enjoys eating sushi and just anything with avocado. When Gwen was asked the question  “If you could travel anywhere in time, who would you meet?” her answer was, “I’ve thought about this a lot and never could come to an answer. There are so many people that I could not think of a specific one.”

It was great to get to know about Gwen and what her days look like.