As dark and beautiful as its namesake – Mary-Ellen Fernandez

As dark and beautiful as its namesake

Mary-Ellen Fernandez

Anchor Staff


The gut-wrenching story behind one of America’s most horrifying tragedies, “Jackie” is the whirlwind story of how former First Lady Jackie Kennedy dealt with her husband’s assassination. Nominated for three Oscars, the film delves into the the life of Mrs. Kennedy during and after the attack on JFK. Pablo Larraín delivers in this film, which captures a part of history that will forever be with the world. The film moves the audience through the motions from the point of view of Jackie Kennedy, played by Natalie Portman. The score is brilliantly dark, yet soft, which perfectly embodies the film’s overall tone.

Natalie Portman plays a perfect Jackie, embodying the poise, grace and composure our former first lady was so well-known for. Portman, however, is also able to play a much darker version of the iconic first lady, displaying her vulnerability, anger and sadness during the difficult time she faced. A magnificent performance was also given by Peter Saarsgard who plays Bobby Kennedy, capturing his courageous and outspoken presence. Greta Gerwig also delivers in this film, playing Nancy Tuckerman, an advisee of the first lady and a source of moral support for Jackie. The priest, portrayed by John Hurt, provides a great source of spiritual guidance in the film, showing much of how Mrs. Kennedy’s faith and will were tested.

Pablo Larraín does a magnificent job of allowing the music to tell a story within the story. With violent violin chords and even the usage of the popular Camelot melody, Larrain is able to create a true experience for viewers. The film allows for people to feel the events, as they unfold, bringing them into the life of the Kennedy’s. Although many people were watching when President John F. Kennedy was shot, this film creates a whole new view on the events through the First Lady’s point of view.

Turning an American tragedy into film has become the new version of cinema. However, combine it with an amazing cast, musical score and the surreal take on the events, now you have created something spectacular. It is important for stories to be told–stories that hold meaning. This film tells a story for our country, for our history and for Jacqueline Kennedy. It supplies viewers with a new take on the events of that horrific day when a nation lost its leader, and focuses on how a woman lost a husband, a man lost his brother and two children lost their father. Although it is not a happy story, it is one that holds definite truths about life and its uncertainties. Now nominated for three Oscars, “Jackie,” is a must see!