Greek life kickoff was a smash – Derrik Trombley

No one got “double secret probation” from the new president of RIC this year. During Wednesday’s free period, the jovial Greeks came down from their offices way up in the student union to show themselves off to the people of RIC. Popcorn, Del’s Lemonade, and Tea were served on the quad where students could come and meet the fraternities and sororities at the Greek Life Kickoff Fair. Among the Greek organizations were Fraternities: Phi Mu Delta, Kappa Delta Phi, Kappa Sigma, and Phi Beta Sigma. Sororities: Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Phi Epsilon, Theta Phi Alpha, Omega Phi Beta, and Zeta Phi Beta; and also included was a Multicultural Society, Zeta Phi Beta.

Beyond the free food and drinks, there were a variety of events. At least, there would have been but for some blood found on the inflatable obstacle course brought in for the event. Instead, for the pivotal activity to draw in students, there was a performance by “Wacky Chad” who did stunts and comedy to entertain a good-sized crowd. In one act, he successfully balanced a student on his shoulders while riding a miniature tricycle, and in another successfully jumped from a unicycle onto a pogo stick then did a flip to land safely and successfully on his feet while getting students laughing at his jokes in-between.

Another free giveaway that day capitalized on the success of Pokémon Go, as free Pikachu and Poke balls were given away. Thankfully, they had enough for everyone, as one can only imagine the battles that would have taken place if anyone had missed out on some memorabilia from the beloved franchise.

The purpose of this event, however, was not free stuff and entertainment; this event was about showing off the welcoming and familial atmosphere of Greek Life and trying to get people interested and involved. Jose Rosario, president of both the Student Community Government and the Phi Mu Delta fraternity, was on hand to showcase Greek life. “I want to see engagement, I want to see the students at RIC getting involved in clubs and groups so that they get the real college experience, rather than feeling as though it is just an extension of their high school life. I want to see them put down roots and leave a legacy that they can be proud of and want to come back to after they graduate and I feel there is no better example of that than in Greek life.” When asked about the culture of Greek life at RIC, President Rosario responded, “I like to think of it as an apple. At first glance it seems rough and tough, but once you’ve taken a bite out of it; it’s sweet and soft and good.”