Summer magic is ever fleeting – Angelina Denomme

Summer magic is ever fleeting

Angelina Denomme

Opinions Editor


Summer is, without a doubt, the best three months of the year. The days are long with the feeling of the sun on your skin, and the nights are loud with crickets and the sounds of cars racing through the streets with too-loud music. Every once in awhile, a breeze will blow through an open window and send a sweet reprieve from the suffocating heat. The world begins to bloom: the trees, the flowers and the people. Everyone is barefoot, happy and nobody is worrying about pedicures or callouses on their feet. The world is finally alive again, or maybe that’s just the lie that media has fed us our entire lives.

Remember that early 2000’s baseball movie, with “7th Heaven” darling Jessica Biel and teen heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr., called “Summer Catch”? It’s one of those classic summer romance movies where sports lingo appeases the boys, and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s tight white uniform pants make all the girls swoon. Beside the obvious romance plotline, “Summer Catch” tells a bigger story about how magical summer can be. Anything can happen. You can meet your true love, get on the baseball team of your dreams and end up playing for the Phillies. All of this happens during bonfires on the beach sitting in a circle of on driftwood and drinking beer out of cans while some guy strums on his guitar. The camera pans out, and it’s a perfectly clear night. The stars are shining, the laughs are loud and the music is lingering. Except in real life, the beer is skunk, the fire is smoky and everyone has to be at work in the morning.

Summer nights are more likely spent mindlessly scrolling through dashboards of carefully curated people or watching hours upon hours of television shows you’ve probably already seen. Every once in a blue moon, a friend will call you up, everyone in the group’s schedules have aligned, and you all somehow meet down at the beach for a few hours. It’s all laughter and bottles of white wine. It’s magic, but just for one night. Magic has a funny way of being sporadic though, it isn’t one of those things that exists in strings long enough to get the guy and get drafted onto a professional baseball team. The media just hasn’t caught up. It’s still living in that ideal world where twenty-somethings  were carefree and reckless and love was always in the air. Nowadays, summer is more about managing expectations set by movies like “Summer Catch” than managing social calendars. Every year, summer is spent just trying not to be a complete bore, but at the end of the three months we all roll back to campus with only a few sporadic moments of magic to show for it.