Student activities take on Student Union Ballroom – Samantha Scetta

Student activities take on Student Union Ballroom

Samantha Scetta

Ads Manager


Let’s face it: college can be horrendously lonely when one commutes to campus and has no friends to eat lunch with, or to join on coffee runs in between classes. Many of us have been in this boat at some point during our college career. An ideal solution to the ever-impending loneliness one encounters at a mainly commuter campus such as Rhode Island College would be to join a club with like minded students.

There truly is an activity for every student. At Student Activities Day last Wednesday, The Student Union Ballroom nearly reached it’s maximum capacity with students representing clubs, activities and, of course, students looking to join. Besides free Del’s and more candy than one could possibly eat, there were many friendly students in The SU Ballroom, ready to offer a plethora of information about the clubs they were representing.

Organizations such as the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association are looking for members to join and advocate for disabilities like Autism and Down Syndrome, attend conventions and get real life experience in speech pathology. There are clubs suited to most, if not all, college majors, and offer valuable real life experience in one’s chosen field. Student Nurses Association, Bachelor of Social Work Organization, and The Ocean State Film Society are just a few of the many clubs that one can choose to join when looking to get actively involved on campus.

Aside from organizations suited to one’s major, clubs exist to just simply try something new, such as Greek life. Jackie Pringle, a member of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, is leading a “Color Me Theta Pi” fundraiser in late October to benefit The Gloria Gemma Foundation.

Don’t let those tuition dollars go to waste! Ballroom Dance club offers free dance lessons on Sunday evenings for those who are interested in learning a few dances to impress family members at weddings and other events. Spoken is a club for the poets lingering amongst the masses on campus; join them on Wednesdays at noon to share and read poetry. The Cape Verdean Student Association is always looking for new members to learn a little bit about Cabo Verde culture—and no, you do not have to be Cape Verdean to join.

For gamers to history fanatics, a club exists for everyone. Although joining something new can be very difficult and sometimes even nerve wrecking, one should never let this deter them from an opportunity to make new friends, do something beneficial for the community, and have a good time at RIC.