Race tightens as candidates spar over worthiness – Taylor Dame

Race tightens as candidates spar over worthiness

Taylor Dame

News Editor


A new poll out this week shows Republican nominee Donald Trump gaining on his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. Trump has come closer and closer to Clinton in the last few polls with both candidates polling in the 40s. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is polling at just above 10%, while Green Party candidate Jill Stein is polling at around 3%. Clinton’s poll numbers were at their highest after the Democratic convention, as Trump got into a feud with a gold star family. The post-convention bump is wearing off though, and Clinton’s extremely low favorability ratings are preventing her from sweeping into the White House.

Clinton might not be worrying too much, as many experts agree that her path to getting the 270 votes from the Electoral College needed to be president is much easier than it is for Trump. Clinton has significant leads in swing states like Virginia and Colorado, and Trump faces a tough battle to win over Pennsylvania, but fares much better in Ohio and Florida. Trump is also having issues in traditionally Republican states like Georgia, Missouri, and Arizona, where he is tied or only has a slim one or two point lead. In Rhode Island, a traditionally blue state, Clinton leads by a mere three points, 44% to Trump’s 41%.

In an effort to secure more votes, both candidates attended MSNBC’s Commander-in-Chief forum, during which they were asked tough questions by moderator Matt Lauer and a group of veterans. Question topics ranged from trustworthiness in handling classified intelligence and the handling of the Iraq War to sexual assaults in the military. Both candidates attempted to explain why they would be the best person to lead the United States armed forces. Clinton cited her work as Secretary of State, and Trump cited his endorsements from retired generals and admirals. Both candidates have received endorsements from retired generals and admirals recently. Clinton has 95 endorsements to Trump’s 88.