Adventure of Sinbad – Sara Massa

Adventure of Sinbad

Sara Massa

Anchor Contributor


Everyone loves a little magic in their lives, and if you decide to watch the anime Adventure of Sinbad, you will not be disappointed. This new Netflix series, a prequel to the well-known anime, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, aired April of this year.

The two shows are based around the tales from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, Sinbad telling the story of the man who would become king of the island kingdom, Sindria. We follow Sinbad as he conquers towers, called “dungeons,” full of traps, tricks and treasures, and watch him win over the djinns’ trust and respect to help him become king.

The anime is thirteen episodes long, and spans most of Sinbad’s life, but is mainly focused on his teenage years. When I started watching it, I was not a fan of Magi, and only started watching Sinbad for my interest in the legend of Sinbad. After watching five episodes in a row, however, this anime made me want to give Magi another chance.

The show is filled with action, adventure, and comedy, but not so much comedy that it covers up the main plot of Sinbad’s quest for the throne. The creator, Shinobu Ohtaka, created an amazing art design and designed a hooking storyline filled with magic and adventure. And if you’re thinking you have to watch Magi to understand Sinbad, that is where you are wrong. Even though this series is a prequel, the anime revolves itself around Sinbad and his friends, so there are no spoilers for you.