Dressing for success – Deanna Manzo

Although the seasons are changing, and it saddens you to put away your cute flowery sundresses and sandalwood clogs, let me remind you that fall will be a season of renewal. Going to class daily requires a wardrobe that is comfortable for you so you can pay attention to the tireless lecture instead of fussing over a wardrobe malfunction. Sitting for an hour a day can cramp your style, so I have some tips on having a great school year with a wardrobe that will stop traffic.

Dressing for success requires making the conscious effort to scan your closet for any rips, holes or stains. When you separate your attire into categories, one pile will be clothes that are worn out and unwearable; you can toss those clothes. Another pile will be clothes that don’t fit you anymore; you can donate these clothes to Goodwill. Goodwill is always accepting donations, and there is always someone in need.

There are many ways to update your wardrobe that are sure to make you a fashion diva. Sweater dresses can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For class, you can pair a sweater dress with some heavy-duty leather boots and accessorize with an adorable scarf. At night time when school is out, you can slip into a pair of leggings to create a totally different look. It’s all up to you, so be creative in your pursuit of fashion excellence. Cardigan sweaters can create a very romantic look if that strikes your fancy.

Layering this Fall is all about creating a look that will take you from fashion dud to fashion plus. When you overheat, you can always take layers off, and when you get cold again, you can always add a layer or two. Add a bit of drama with a bell-sleeved sweater, as you can wear them with jeans or sharp A-line skirts.

Creating a wardrobe doesn’t have to be costly. There are many department stores such as Target or Walmart that has what you are looking for at half the cost, so it won’t break the bank. Be a little creative, and you will be on your way to a cost efficient lifestyle. Sometimes you can take what you already have in your closet and add a few pearls or earrings to spice up your look.

Remember that fashion is all about making your personality shine. With your new wardrobe, you’ll have exuberant style and grace, and that will make for a great school year.