RIC Women’s Tennis clinches 4th straight regular season title

Jake Elmslie – Sports Editor

With an 8-1 Saturday afternoon win over the University of Southern Maine Huskies the Rhode Island College Women’s Tennis team will finish the regular season with a conference best record and the number one seed in this years playoffs. This is the fourth straight regular season title for the Anchorwomen and they will be looking to repeat as conference champions for the second year in a row, after winning the Little East in 2017.

Having the number one seed spells a few benefits for the Anchorwomen. First they will not have to participate in the first round of the playoffs this Tuesday afternoon when the third through sixth seed battle for the right to move on. Secondly RIC will host the entirety of the playoffs including the semi-final and championship rounds this Friday and Saturday afternoon respectively. When asked about the importance of having homefield in the playoffs head tennis coach Adam Spring stated that he is “excited to be playing at home through playoffs.”

Grace Zangari; Photo courtesy of Britt Donahue

According to figures around the team winning the championship this year will not be nearly as easy as in 2017. When asked about the level of competition in the conference this year number one singles player Grace Zangari told The Anchor “The Little East is definitely harder than last year, these teams come back better and stronger which is kind of a shock, but it gets you to play harder than you normally would.” When asked for more detail on the strength of the conference Coach Spring explained that “there are four teams that can win it all. Besides us, those are Plymouth State, Salem State and Umass Dartmouth.”

RIC students can watch their tennis team compete for a championship right here on campus, Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. If the Anchorwomen are able to move on to the championship match that will be held Saturday morning at 11 a.m.

RIC athlete spotlight: Grace Zangari

Jake Elmslie – Sports Editor

Grace Zangari; Photo courtesy of Britt Donahue

Grace Zangari has known nothing but winning in her time as a member of Rhode Island College Women’s Tennis. Since joining the program as a freshmen last season, RIC has yet to lose a single regular or post season match. Last year the Anchorwomen rode a 15-0 regular season all the way to a Little East conference championship and became only the second team in Little East history to win a match in the NCAA Division III women’s tennis tournament. Also as of the writing of this article the Women’s Tennis team has completed their second undefeated regular season in a row and are poised to enter the postseason as the number one seed in the conference.

Zangari has been far from a bystander to all of this success, she seized the number two singles spot shortly after joining the team. She compiled a 15-1 singles record on the year and earned First Team All-Little East honors on top of four separate conference rookie of the week awards. Alongside this Zangari also helped set a program record for single season doubles wins with 17.

When asked how she responded to being entrusted with such as key role right at the start of her collegiate career Zangari told The Anchor “I got a lot of what I do from the upperclassmen, I took everything they did and tried to do it.” Zangari now considers herself a leader on the team explaining that “I definitely bring a very fun and uplifting attitude and that helps the other people on the team play well and have fun.”

Zangari believes much of her collegiate success is owed to head tennis coach Adam Spring. She spoke glowingly of her coach gushing that he is a “very good coach, tells you exactly what to do, how to win, how to not get down and how to keep going and play as hard as you can” and that he is “energetic and believes in us, he tells us all the time how good we are and never says anything bad.” Inversely when asked about Zangari’s importance to the team Coach Spring lauded his player explaining that “Grace was our MVP last year, she has continued to develop her game and she’s a big part of keeping our team at the top.”

Zangari and The Anchorwomen will compete for their second straight championship this weekend when RIC hosts the Little East women’s tennis playoffs.


Eric Reid’s return and reaffirmation on social justice

Joseph Griswold – Anchor Staff

What comes first? The end of racial discrimination and oppression: or the loss of the will of the National Football League owners to keep those protesting racial discrimination and oppression out of the game.

That answer, at least partially, came from the signing of former San Francisco 49er safety Eric Reid by the Carolina Panthers. Reid, a pro-bowler in 2013 and one of the league’s most hard-hitting safeties has been out of football following last season, seemingly due to his political activism.

Reid was the first player to kneel alongside former teammate and current friend Colin Kaepernick, protesting racial oppression and injustice. The action ignited a political firestorm that would divide most of the country.

Photo courtesy of NBCSports

Sunday, in his return to the field, Reid reaffirmed his beliefs and continued to kneel during the national anthem.  Following their 33-31 victory over the New York Giants, Reid made it clear that he believes he serves a greater purpose than just playing football.

“I feel our country is moving backwards. The only way to change that is to keep talking about it, keep raising awareness [and] keep doing what we’re doing”. The rehiring of the officer that killed Tamir Rice and the election of new Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh were among Reid’s examples of why the fight needs to continue.

Following his protest, many teammates voiced their support, while head coach Ron Rivera answered the first of, what will be weekly queries on the protest by stating, “I’m not going to talk about a guy exercising his first amendment rights. I’m going to talk about what happens on the football field.”

Unfortunately, for coach Rivera, Reid’s continued protest will continue to draw questions, especially since he plans to keep his joint-collusion lawsuit with Colin Kaepernick against the NFL despite being signed by the Panthers.

Following the Panther’s victory, In a post-game interview Reid said, “It’s bittersweet, I won the game, but Colin is at home with my kids. He should be playing.” Reid finished his first game back with three tackles and will no doubt be a valuable addition to an already talented Carolina Panthers team.

Reid is part of a growing wave of outspoken athletes that are using their public platform to speak up against the inequalities in society. Sadly, these athletes may have to choose what is most important, the paycheck or the cause? Eric Reid knows where he stands.

The WWE, Saudi Arabia and the women’s revolution

Joshua Percy – Anchor Staff

 In March 2018, the World Wrestling Entertainment signed a ten year deal with Saudi Arabia for approximately $45 million per year, that’s $450 Million dollars over ten years. The first pay per  view in Saudi Arabia was called “The Greatest Royal Rumble” which took place on April 27, 2018. The second pay per view is called “WWE Crown Jewel” which is scheduled to take place on November 2, 2018.  WWE is collecting a lot of money in this deal, and it is very clear on how they plan on using this money. WWE has lured Brock Lesnar back for another match in Saudi Arabia, and he is scheduled to bring in a seven figure payday. WWE has also used that money to pay the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels to come out of retirement to perform in Saudi Arabia and future WWE Events.  

‘McGregor vs Khabib’, Photo courtesy of Coverthespread365

What is the down side of a deal this large? Well due to the Islamic customs of Saudi Arabia, WWE women superstars are not allowed to perform, be promoted, or seen during the event. How does a deal like this help promote the current women’s revolution? That question can go two ways, women do not get the same huge pay days as the men for performing in Saudi Arabia, however this deal has forced WWE into creating the first ever all women’s pay per view. However, the Saudi Arabia deal is looking like a multiple pay per view per year deal. Is that going to lead to multiple all women’s pay per view events in one year? In the short term, this deal may make it seem like WWE is dismissing all their women performers just to get a large sum of money, but in the long term, WWE will use this as a way to give women a chance to shine on their own stage.

Government in America: a broken system

Derek Sherlock – Anchor staff

Two events this past weekend have proven to me that our government does not care what the people have to say. Not only has Brett Kavanaugh been sworn in as the newest Supreme Court Justice, but here in Providence, I witnessed white nationalists and neo-fascists marching in large numbers with the protection from both state and Providence police.

Witnessing both of these events proves to me that without a doubt, the entire system just does not give a damn about us at all. In the case of  Providence, just seeing the police protect the fascists after they started brawls with many of the counter-protestors, they crawled back to safety behind the police once we stood up to them. In the eyes of the police, the fascists did no wrong and we were the villains on Saturday. To make things worse, the cops also pointed assault rifles at us and had snipers on the roof of the State House pointing down at us. It shows us that they do not want to protect us from fascism since the police are one of the biggest supporters of fascism.

Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing in shows us that mostly old white men do not care that women were sexually assaulted, because it will ruin the life of another white man. The Republican party is telling women and girls that you can be sexually assaulted and they do not care about it because it will ruin the life of some young man, but only if he is white. They are telling young men and boys that you can pretty much rape someone and get away with it because (surprise!) the GOP do not care about women unless they are creating the next generation of soldiers to go off and fight their wars for them.

The whole political system, as well as the police and prison systems, needs to be destroyed. The whole racist system that white America benefits from needs to be burned to the ground. As a white person, I do benefit from this racist system in which we lock up Black and Latinx Americans for crimes that whites get a slap on the hand for– but it needs to be destroyed and something new needs to be built in its place.

I want a system that will value black beauty as equally as white beauty instead of telling black and latinx girls that having white features and acting white is what you need to strive to be. I want a system that will value trans people or people who are within the LGBTQ+ community instead of just the cis-heterosexuals. I want a system that will combat racism and say that it does not belong in this society. But I don’t believe we will ever see that type of system.

What Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment means

Catherine Enos – Opinions editor

In many ways, the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States only confirms what has been occuring in this country for a while: we, as a society, ignore women’s legitimate complaints against harassers.

I’m not inferring a judgement about whether Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth or not. But this much is true: a large part of the Senate (Republicans) was dismissive about these charges from the start and specifically sought out information that would confirm their beliefs.

Photo courtesy of The Cut

The first thought that occurred to me was: why Kavanaugh? After he was accused, why didn’t Senate Republicans ditch Kavanaugh and find another equally conservative judge? The answer to this has two parts.

The first part is that Donald Trump was figuratively breathing down the Senate’s neck for a speedy confirmation. In Trump’s eyes, losing this confirmation would only display gross incompetence: the GOP is in the majority in the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Presidency, yet they can’t agree?

The second (and most important) part of the answer, however, is the fact that midterm elections are in a few weeks. It would be impossible to find another nominee and go through the process again.

I, a liberal female, feel hopeful about some of this information. I’m not excited about Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court, nor am I excited that Senate Republicans (seemingly) could not care less about legitimate accusations of serious sexual assault.

I think the fact that Senate Republicans were absolutely scrambling to get this done before midterms sends a clear message: “we’re scared we’re losing power.” This is a definite possibility– the GOP barely has a majority over Democrats.

The more Republicans do to grasp at straws, the more people will see through the facade. This confirmation is only the beginning of the GOP’s fight for relevance and power. This is the dim light at the end of a long and dark tunnel.

The irony of new technology

Alison Macbeth – Anchor staff

Photo courtesy of Stylecaster

As we continue to advance technology, we seem to regress in our use of it. More people are talking about using their phones less, but phone producing businesses aren’t worried. In fact, manufacturers are capitalizing on the bandwagon of buzzwords like “minimalism” and “a need to unplug.”

If you updated your iPhone with the newest software you may have noticed a new feature Apple calls screen time. This feature allows the user to schedule downtime, limit app use, regulate what apps can be seen and block content. It also breaks down how much time your screen is on for activities such as social networking, productivity and reading/reference. It’s an interesting battery-sucking feature. In the convenience of this new iPhone capability lies the ironic fact that people need their phone to help them to stop using their phone.

And the satire on technology doesn’t end here. A new phone called the Light Phone is a device that many would call useless. It only makes calls. However, the company founders Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang feel that their product was born when “it became obvious that the last thing the world needed was another app.”

According to The Light Phone website, “So many products are claiming to ‘make our lives better’ … Light was born as an alternative to the tech monopolies that are fighting more and more aggressively for our attention.”

However, it fails to recognize that the Light Phone is still another piece of technology to help us monitor our technology use. It connects with a smartphone and allows the user to “unplug”, so to speak, by having a phone in case of an emergency. Because the last thing the world needs is another app – the world actually needs another phone.

Meanwhile, the Light Phone promises to make us happier, more fulfilled, and rogue from the corporate world.

While it is important to be mindful and aware of how you manage your time (and I truly believe that phone use is an essential thing to think about when discussing a healthy lifestyle), don’t let the next tech thing become your rescuer. New features, apps, and slim phones are only more ways to get sucked into the technological drama. Just be smart with your smartphone.

To all the boys I never loved before

Ariella Jeter – Assistant copy editor

Sorry fellas, this one is for the ladies. The saying “you don’t need a man to be successful” or “to be happy” or to “feel loved” is one that has been chirped into my ear for as long as I can remember. You too can probably relate. I always pushed this saying aside as if it was common knowledge — never let a man get in your way of achieving all you want out of your life. I told myself I never would… but then I did.

Our society is flooded with “relationship goals,”“couple goals” and about a million other pointless goals that take up an unnecessary amount of space in our minds. How about personal goals? Or more importantly, mental health goals? I know these won’t look that great on your Instagram, but when you are smiling like you’ve won the lottery frequently and have everything you need in order, it’s probably best that you  forget about Instagram because what you’re doing is real. It is beneficial to you and your future– unlike the last picture you posted in which you’re pretending that no one was actually paying attention and received a subpar 76 likes.

Today, nobody realizes how important self-love actually is. Once you achieve that self-love, literally nothing can stop you. I know you think the guy that broke your heart three times already is the one for you, but sweetie, once he breaks your heart the first time, gather your things and leave.

It is expected in our society that we need love to be happy but, coming from experience, you absolutely do not. In order to love another being to your fullest, you need to be capable of loving yourself first. You need a big old foundation of self-love and success, even if it is just the tiny success of getting out of bed in the morning and coming to class.

Too many people think we need to be codependent on another person to be successful and happy, but this truly is not the case. Build yourself up, reach your short term goals and find a place in life in which you feel comfortable in. Start doing more things by yourself: traveling, going to the movies, taking yourself out for coffee or anything else you feel brings you joy. Once you learn to be able to be comfortable with yourself and who you are, that’s when you can build a rewarding relationship with another person.

I know it sucks losing someone who means a lot to you, more than you might think. But each loss is a gain. You are gaining the strength to pick yourself back up again and learn to be who you are without that person. That way, when the right person does come along, you will be happier than you thought you ever would.

Let’s talk about professor evaluations

Lauren Enos – Assistant Opinions Editor

I’m talking about those end-of-semester evaluations that probably never even get looked at after you’ve filled them out. I’m of the opinion that they should be serious, legitimate evaluations that hold professors accountable. Being evaluated is a large part of being a professional, no matter what your profession. While professors are already evaluated by their superiors, I think the information that their students could provide would be just as useful.

The vast majority of the professors I’ve had throughout my college career have been exemplary. I knew that they had relevant experience in their field and were doing their best to prepare me for the professional world. But I have also had a few that I feel don’t belong in a classroom. Whether they had clearly given up, no longer had relevant experience from the field, or were just plain rude, they probably weren’t ever told that. Or maybe they were (perhaps on one of those teacher evaluations), and just didn’t care or never saw it. Good or bad, students can provide valuable insight to professors from a point of view that their superiors can’t.

Students are the paying customers of the college and therefore should have a say in the product that they’re receiving. Their word deserves to have an impact. I couldn’t tell you what results from those evaluation forms at the end of the semester. The various department heads take them, glance at the scores to questions that aren’t even indicative of teacher performance, and then what? Do they put them on file? Do the professors see the results? Do the results actually mean anything, or are the evaluations purely to placate students and make them feel like they have a say?

Here are some popular questions on those evaluation forms: Was class was held at the time specified? (Yes, isn’t that expected?) Did the professor cover the material listed in the syllabus? (Technically yes, but did they do it well is the real question.) Did the professor provide feedback on your assignments? (Yeah, but time-frame is an important bit here!) Was the professor knowledgeable? (Well, I sure would hope so, but how would I know?)

So according to these surveys, as long as the professor held class and covered the material then they’re golden. A student could have had an awful class experience but have an evaluation covered in the highest ratings because the questions are absurdly basic and biased; they ask about logistics of the class itself instead of the effectiveness of the professor. Instead, all of students’ true concerns are directed to the comments box, which, do we really think those are being read?

I just don’t think those evaluations do a great job encompassing students’ opinions, and I don’t think you would be hard-pressed to find a student that agrees with me. There’s much more to being an effective professor than those evaluations measure. Not to mention, I doubt the results make it back to the professor, let alone have any real impact.

The Cantina: Rumors of unlimited power

Jonathan Weaver – Asst. A&E Editor

Rumor time! And also maybe spoiler time? There is speculation about the upcoming final installment of the sequel trilogy following a leak by an unnamed source. So if that is enough to ruin the movie for you, stop reading this.

Although the subtitle of this article gave away what I could be referring to, there are rumors of an old villain returning to the big screen in “Episode IX.” It is possible Kylo Ren and Rey will come face to face with Emperor Palpatine in the next movie. Technically speaking, if the leak is accurate it seems that Palpatine is still very much dead. Rey is seen holding a holocron (an object not unlike a holographic answering machine or tape recorder) which projects a hologram of the Emperor himself.

Now, it’s no secret that while Palpatine wanted to rule the galaxy; however, his primary goal was to cheat death and become invincible. This was a major factor in Palpatine’s ability to turn Anakin to the dark side of the force in “Episode III.”

This was made even more clear in the excellent “Aftermath” novels which tell the story of the events of the aftermath of the Battle of Endor and lead all the way up to the events of “The Force Awakens. Particular emphasis is placed on Palpatine’s contingency plans he made in case of the unthinkable. It also showed his utter fascination with the unknown aspects of the Force beyond the light and the dark.

On the planet of Jakku, where we first meet Rey, there is an observatory built into the sands by the Emperor, which becomes the last stand of the Empire during the Battle of Jakku. The observatory was built on the supposed location that an extremely powerful force user dubbed the Consecrated Eremite lived. The Eremite lived thousands of years ago, but was said to not adhere to either Sith or Jedi doctrine. The Emperor was fascinated with this figure.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Not only that, but an extremely dark force from the Unknown Regions was calling to Palpatine so he built his observatory there to watch and listen to this force calling out to him. This was not his only observatory dedicated to this purpose, either. He also had countless vaults and libraries, containing ancient Jedi and Sith artifacts and literature.

Is it possible all this additional lore is leading up to reveal what he was searching for in the Unknown Regions?

There’s a lot to the character of Palpatine that has remained unanswered since the conclusion of the original trilogy. And Disney is taking great care to flesh out his motives beyond that of simple galactic conquest; with all that effort it would not be far-fetched to see one more appearance of the man seeking unlimited power.

At the very least, we get Ian McDiarmid back in the saddle. One can hope.